The 3 most innovative companies in finance and fintech of 2022

This year's most innovative finance companies are using technology to automate operations and making payments instant.

The 3 most innovative companies in finance and fintech of 2022
[Source photo: Fast Company Middle East]

Explore the Fast Company Middle East’s Most Innovative Companies 2022 list; 42 organizations are reshaping their businesses and industries. We’ve selected the companies making the most significant impact with their initiatives across 25 categories, including the most innovative retail, emerging tech, and energy companies.

Technological innovations are the linchpins of fintech development, disrupting business models in financial services. This year’s most innovative finance companies are using technology to automate operations, improving onboarding, introducing new features, and simplifying payments. 


For being a crypto pioneer

BitOasis has pioneered making the buying and selling of crypto assets easier, safer and quicker for users across the Middle East and North Africa. Users can grow and manage their crypto portfolios without complexity on BitOasis‘ Lite platform, or enjoy a full-scale advanced trader experience with the company’s Pro product. Operating from the UAE across the region, BitOasis is raising customers’ awareness of cryptocurrencies, enabling a more informed adoption of this new technology across the region.


For simplifying financial transactions

Dubai-based Mamo, a peer-to-peer payment app, simplifies fund transfers for individuals and businesses to send money with a few clicks. The app will not charge transaction fees. The platform has made security and compliance an integral part of its business, and collaborated with regulators drafting legislation with the central bank of the UAE. Known for its exceptional UX, the startup has custom-built software for the core areas of its products, with centralized automation systems that allow speed and scalability.


For digitizing the payment gateway

To simplify businesses’ access to the internet economy, Stripe introduced an all-digital onboarding and KYC service, referred to as self-serve. It enabled companies to sign up with Stripe, go through KYC, and begin collecting payments online in more than 135 different currencies worldwide within minutes. With three innovative solutions—billing, connect, and radar—Stripe integrated payments into the marketplace and blocked frauds using machine learning.

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