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This retired Boeing 747 gets a second life as a snazzy office This ancient design technique may set a blueprint for futuristic climate-centric design See all the products Microsoft has murdered since 1992 This student-led startup wants to turn human ashes into oyster reefs How Campus Germany became the ultimate lesson for sustainability Not an art enthusiast? Three immersive art galleries compel you to reconsider Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for the metaverse is off to an abysmal start Disney unveils plans to build 1,300 units of affordable housing A futurist predicts the 3 biggest disruptions to how we’ll travel These stunning glass sculptures depict killer viruses One architect’s mission to bring DeafSpace design to the masses Audi’s newest sensors are designed to save cyclists’ lives How to design the most controversial button on the internet and not screw it up Why we can’t stop watching ‘Is It Cake?’ The inside story of why Liberland tapped Zaha Hadid Architects to design buildings in the metaverse Meet your new workday, what Microsoft calls the ‘triple peak’ See these dazzling solar panels from a bird’s-eye view Why it’s a bad idea for startups to make their branding distinctive This $1 COVID test could make going out again a breeze This surprising industry added 670,000 jobs last year How to avert a branding identity crisis The most expensive 20th-century artwork ever auctioned is wildly misunderstood This architect wants to suspend buildings in midair. It’s not as impossible as it sounds See JPMorgan Chase’s big bet on the future of the office ABBA and Tupac in the metaverse: how digital avatars could be the future of live music ‘World’s most sustainable’ office chair has 10 pounds of ocean plastic Will we ever wear a computer on our faces? This device wraps it around your neck instead Maps can make you better at your job. Here’s how Meet the designer who’s turning self-care into viral Instagram posts Design leaders at Microsoft, General Mills, and PepsiCo announce ambitious plan to fight climate change This sustainability pioneer believes circular design is the key to redesigning a sustainable world The case for ‘green prescriptions’ Zoom’s next coup? Taking sci-fi’s favorite interface to the office Elon Musk needs to think bigger with Twitter This humble chair kickstarted the sustainable-design revolution Want to burn less fossil fuel? Use body heat to warm buildings instead The masterminds behind Burger King’s epic redesign unveil their latest rebrand—and it’s even more delicious Would you spend $10,000 on a virtual dress? Gucci is betting on it High-Speed rail can bring massive transformation. But is the Middle East rail ready? Al Baik chicken! How did it get so popular? The pandemic might be over, but is pandemic fatigue ruining mental health? We need to redesign cities to tackle climate change, IPCC says The Arab consumer is getting serious about conscious beauty. But are the brands listening? Can solar power sustain an industrial revolution in the Middle East? Why Dubai won't stop after achieving the world's most visited city status? The answer will surprise you Tomorrow’s COVID safety guidelines will be different from today’s—but that doesn’t mean yesterday’s were wrong Inside Gucci’s ambitious plan to go completely carbon neutral Traditional Barjeel towers hold the key to sustainable cooling. So why isn't it more popular? Bill Gates wants to create a global pandemic first response team Is fitness snacking here to stay? This stress researcher vouches for it This startup fights climate change by growing algae in the desert Digital nomads are taking advantage of Turkey’s new ‘lower cost of living’ remotely Apple invested in this solar farm to help clean up your power use at home How the Middle East is shaping its sustainable development agenda How District 2020 is the future of urban planning and development Do schools care about eco-friendly uniforms? This brand is betting on it Thrift Stores are making a grand entry in the Gulf. And these brands are getting in on it Are you feeling the heat? Climate change in the Middle East poses a major threat to the economy Lady Gaga’s Oscar-nominated wigs steal ‘House of Gucci.’ Here’s the story behind their evolution The mall of the future will still have a physical presence but a different purpose, says Majid Al Futtaim CEO, Alain Bejjani Microplastics are everywhere. These sponges could help capture them The freelance economy is here in the Middle East. And this is how it will redefine work Planning to buy an EV? Here’s the convincing you need Chris Sacca believes the next trillion-dollar companies will be focused on climate change How Natalie Portman and her Angel City FC cofounders are changing the game for women’s soccer Meet the plastic-eating enzymes that can fully break down garbage in days Intel introduces Arc A-series discrete GPUs for laptops Saudi Arabia’s KAUST will now build roads from plastic Women under 30 are earning more than men in these 16 cities You will now get to see a 67-million-year-old T-Rex in Abu Dhabi UAE student creates device that can measure salt in athlete's sweat Qatar Tourism says fans without World Cup tickets will be denied entry to country Multipurpose messenger Tawasal offers video calling and crypto trading in one app Construction on NEOM's green hydrogen project with $900 EPC contract has begun Construction contracts in Saudi Arabia at a six-year high, owing to NEOM and Red Sea project Qatar’s latest health portal provides guidance on diet and lifestyle for Ramadan DIFC launches platform for ubiquitous finance ecosystem, set to attract $544 million in 5 years Elon Musk’s Twitter coup may be the Muskiest of Musk brand moves Here’s what a nuclear war would do to the planet, according to scientists UAE's Hope Probe captures stunning visuals of the formation of dense clouds above Mars Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal announces Elon Musk's decision to not join Board of Directors How bad reviews can work in your favor, according to science UNESCO project aims to digitally preserve Ukraine landmarks facing damage by war The Middle East’s first metaverse incubator creates space for blockchain-based startups to evolve UAE Cabinet announces council for digital economy to be led by minister of AI UAE's Hope Probe and NASA's MAVEN join forces to analyze the Martian atmosphere DEWA shares record 20% surge, marking UAE's largest IPO UAE industrial sector set to attract global investments, says Dr Sultan Al Jaber Vehicle rentals in Saudi Arabia go contactless with first-of-its-kind car sharing app Elon Musk’s bid to take over Twitter could be thwarted by Saudi Prince Al Waleed bin Talal Saudi Arabia retains its top 50 spot in the electric vehicles index Smart services platform TASMU to create a digital twin of Qatar with real-time data Saudi Arabia announces first smart farm project to improve food security Metaverse developer Bedu brings the third phase of web evolution to the UAE Record-breaking rare ruby worth $120 million goes on show in Dubai Netflix to support Arab female filmmakers with $250,000 grant Emirates to fly into the virtual realm with customized NFTs and metaverse experiences Batelco and Ericsson joins force for 5G tech innovations in Bahrain Microsoft Azure launches new services to boost cloud services in the UAE What happens to CNN Plus subscribers now that the streaming service is shutting down? BMW unveils $119,300 all-electric i7 sedan to its flagship 7-Series Biofuels to power sustainable tourism at Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Project Luxury retailer Chalhoub Group announces first NFT collection by Christofle Etihad Airways tests eco-friendly solutions to hit net-zero emissions by 2050 The ad world’s ultimatum to Netflix: Be bold GCC has a strong future in the global hydrogen fuel market Elon Musk is actually buying Twitter, will take the social media company private Instagram wants you to stop posting so many TikToks to its TikTok clone Middle East’s first emission tracker to reduce carbon footprint launched Tesla shares plunge amidst hyped $44 billion Twitter buyout by Elon Musk Abu Dhabi-based Emirates Development Bank to support Dubai’s Food Tech Valley Saudi Arabia to protect young innovators with its first IP protection strategy UAE’s Hope Probe uncovers mysterious Martian aurora GM joins EV race, unveils plans for fully electric Corvette Immersive museum teamLab Borderless Jeddah to open in the kingdom Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan launches $100 million fund for startups to create 8K jobs From portable blenders to self-watering plant pots, here are trendy gadgets under $50 5 innovative gadgets to add to your gifting list this Eid al-Fitr The terror of waiting for a nuclear strike, by those who experienced it Love it, doubt it, but you can’t ignore the crypto boom You can drive this Lamborghini to Mars—in the metaverse Is NFT an actual art form? These artists think it is He developed a mask that can destroy COVID-19 virus. This UAE-based researcher is onto another big idea Meta is reportedly working on new features straight out of ‘Black Mirror’ Innovative tech and shifting cultural attitudes are radically transforming entertainment 5 things you didn’t know Google Maps could do Chippy comes in peace: How robots will coexist with humans in the $800 billion restaurant business Innovative tech that can shield the UAE from the growing threat of drone attacks Here’s how we can build a sustainable metaverse From chickpeas to zero-gravity meat, Arab countries boost efforts to produce food in space How SpaceX came to dominate the launch business Metaverse gold rush: Virtual land sales and avatars are leading the NFT market How QR codes work—and what makes them dangerous A new report outlines some of the barriers facing Asian women in tech How to use your iPad as a second Mac screen for free How Meta’s metaverse money grab could backfire The future of work is uncertain. Here are 3 ways to meet your career goals Your favorite creator may be at risk of burnout, but recovery won’t take as long as you think WhatsApp’s new ‘Communities’ feature is like a messaging-based social network How to spot human bias in the tech your company uses Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter because he can’t buy the whole internet The poison pill—and other ways Twitter could fight an Elon Musk takeover Why Mark Zuckerberg is fixated on creating AR’s ‘iPhone moment’ An aerospace engineer explains how hypersonic missiles work This presentation startup has a new trick for disrupting PowerPoint 5 time-saving Google Messages features you should be using A computer scientist explains why ‘bad’ ads appear on ‘good’ websites This former SpaceX engineer wants to prevent you from getting diabetes Netflix’s password-sharing crackdown leaves big questions unanswered 5 technologies that should give us some hope for the planet’s future Are smartphones changing our brains? Science has the answer A law professor explains how blockchains and NFTs don’t protect virtual property How ready is the Middle East for its metaverse take-off? This service helps you link your favorite apps together As Polaroid’s SX-70 turns 50, instant photography is booming The future of international cooperation in space is splitting along lines of power on Earth Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney talks the metaverse, crypto, and antitrust Twitter loves Musk but dreads a Musk takeover, research finds These essential apps will help you clear clutter by going paperless Dubai's immersive VR experiences that transport you into the metaverse 9 ways Elon Musk could make Twitter worse Logitech will host the first music awards show in the metaverse So tell us, Elon Musk: What do you plan to do with Twitter? Elon Musk’s two big goals for Twitter are totally at odds Does your company need a podcast? Twitter shouldn’t exist, no matter who owns it, and it’s on VCs to not fund harmful tech in the future This Tunisian startup created a gaming app to help children with learning disabilities This Is What Elon Musk Did the Day He Bought Twitter. It’s an Amazing Lesson in Productivity Three easy ways to save on your Netflix subscription Gen Z is going to reinvent the supply chain This is Elon Musk’s opportunity to make Twitter users more open minded Sorry, Elon haters: Mastodon still can’t replace Twitter Pioneering change: Dubai is stepping up its game to embrace the metaverse Issam Kazim on Dubai's quest to be the world's most visited destination | PART 1 Issam Kazim on what's next for Dubai Tourism | PART 2 Fast Company's Most Creative People in Business list comes to the Middle East Majid Al Futtaim Group CEO Alain Bejjani on harnessing innovation in business | TRAILER Majid Al Futtaim Group CEO Alain Bejjani on his vision for the mall of the future 10 signs you shouldn’t take the job Traditional recruiting is broken. Here are 6 ways to reimagine it 5 things you probably haven’t thought of that will help you be more inclusive Are firms balancing productivity with employee wellbeing in a hybrid world? You just might be more productive if you work less How to ask for more support as you return to the office 5 essentials to look for in a coworking space 6 aspects of your life that suffer when you don’t get enough sleep 3 ways to grab listener attention in a presentation, according to science The opposite of success is not failure, it’s overwork (and here’s why) Not paying an intern for their time is exploitative, say Arab millennials Now more than ever, you can and should have a work BFF. Here’s how 5 formatting mistakes turning your résumé into a confusing mess The 5 best questions to ask at the end of an interview The gulf between workers and managers is growing, amid the return to office How to be better at saying ‘no’ to extra work 5 reasons why focusing on the middle will get you to the top How (and why) you should be your own HR department It may be time to let your employees quit. Here’s how to know Still struggling with finding talent? Try casting a wider net How the battle for talent is widening the pay gap