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Forget capturing mindshare. It’s time for brands to start giving customers space This biodegradable shoe doesn’t need stitching because it pops out of a mold The clever ways brands are tapping into Gen Z’s obsession with nostalgia Microplastics seep into our water and our bodies. These products may help Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas are making their first fashion investment—but the brand may surprise you Where does the Twitter brand go from here? From pizza earrings to tie-dyed scrunchies: inside Claire’s remarkable turnaround This sneaker gets more colorful the more you wear it This Beirut brand is designing handbags made by women prisoners for Chloé How ‘Stranger Things’ is fueling an obsession with the 1980s—and why this nostalgia is unique The underappreciated brilliance of nightclub design How MIT students are helping revitalize a tiny Italian village This phenomenal puzzle captures the ‘cosmic cliffs’ from the James Webb Space Telescope These brilliant maps helps you see—and hear—noise pollution in your city 443 feet and falling: why skyscrapers are adding slides, stairs, decks, and free falls How 3D printers can inspire innovation and reduce waste This off-grid toilet uses sand and a conveyor belt to ‘flush’ your business Yeezy has a new logo, and it has settled its suit with Walmart Remember all the disposable stuff you used when COVID-19 hit? It made the plastic crisis much, much worse Here’s when to use data visualization tools, and why they’re helpful 36 countries now have more trees than they did in the year 2000 The Middle East is witnessing an increase in sandstorms. Find out why How ads trick you into thinking brands are greener than they actually are Edtech promised to transform education in the Middle East. But did it deliver? The inaugural Middle East edition of the Most Creative People in Business, here’s your recap How hot is too hot for the human body? People say they don’t want plant-based meat. But they can be convinced The ransomware threat is clear and present. Is the Middle East ready? Lebanon’s startup ecosystem is struggling. Can the trend be reversed? Women entrepreneurs in the Middle East face challenges. Digitization can help This climate action tracker shows exactly where we are on the path to net zero Allergies lasting longer? Blame light pollution The secret levers you can pull to help fight climate change Dubai is now home to the largest vertical farm in the world A list of all the climate disasters the world is facing right now Vegans need to stop exaggerating the health benefits of a plant-based diet Farming in Gaza is a man’s job. These green girls are changing that How satellites revolutionized the way we see—and protect—the natural world Can electric vehicle batteries be recycled? A cognitive city will be proactive, powering human interaction. But there’s more Park this electric car in the sun and it uses solar to give itself an extra charge Here’s why more UAE restaurants are opting for homegrown fruits and vegetables Mental health patients in the Middle East still face stigmas. This might be a solution From COVID-19 to antibiotic resistance, we need to tap nature to find new drugs Is fasting a free health fix? This expert says it helps activate our inner intelligence How LeBron James and Maverick Carter’s SpringHill Company became the envy of Hollywood Saudi wealth fund PIF launches new aircraft leasing company Abu Dhabi Industrial Strategy to boost UAE’s industrial growth and achieve net-zero targets UAE’s circular economy council approves 22 policies to accelerate sustainability Qatar World Cup to employ semi-automated offside system for accurate decision making Anghami expands into live events and concerts with the acquisition of Spotlight ADDED and GE join forces to create a circular economy in the UAE Marketers are focusing on customer experience. Can marketing technology help? MBZUAI and AIQ join forces to develop AI for oil and gas sector Saudi Aramco expands industrial investment program with 55 deals Etihad Airways drops NFT collection ‘EY-ZERO1’ UAE announces incentives to attract 300 new digital ventures in the next 12 months UN Women launches gaming app WeRise in the Middle East to promote gender equality Most Innovative Companies global list has recognized these Middle Eastern companies Saudi’s industrial production jumps to third-highest growth in three years Saudi Arabia will host 30 million pilgrims by 2030. This is how technology will help SirajPower to deliver hybrid energy to Abu Dhabi’s Cleanco Waste Treatment South Korea’s Lotte Chemical to join Saudi Aramco’s global alliance for blue hydrogen and ammonia UAE’s sovereign wealth fund Mubadala key investor in Klarna’s $800 million round Egypt saves $42 million in a year through energy efficiency measures in the petroleum sector Dubai bags more FDI projects than global financial hubs New York, Singapore, and London UAE consumers plan to cut down their non-essential spending due to rising inflation UAE President Sheikh Mohamed highlights the importance of human capital in his address to the nation This narrative-driven party, hosted by the founder of Minecraft, could be the future of live events UAE ranked first as a gender-equal country in the Arab world Saudi Arabia highlights its green transition journey through an immersive exhibition Renewable power is a cost-competitive alternative for countries adopting net-zero goal Companies that made it to the most innovative companies list in the past Dubai retains position as world’s top FDI destination for tourism UAE to launch constellation of advanced imaging satellites with $817 million fund Crypto investors can now avail of AED-based virtual asset trading FIFA World Cup to boost economic growth in the Middle East Saudi Arabia’s Manga Productions to set up new headquarters in Mohammed Bin Salman Non-Profit City Shopify is teaming up with YouTube to bring back the communal experience of shopping VC funding in Saudi Arabia hit record high in first half of 2022 UAE-France partner to bolster energy and climate change efforts Abu Dhabi to host largest art fair featuring 78 galleries from 27 countries Qatari asset management firm launches initiative to support local digital art Mattel broadens its horizons with SpaceX partnership for new rocket ship toys Saudi Arabia secures $400 million fund to bolster hospitality sector Microsoft launches Hololens 2 mixed reality headset in the UAE Etihad Airways becomes first airline to strengthen UAE’s industrial sector Qatar Airways launches all-inclusive FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 packages Dubai’s RIT and One Moto to launch smart mobility and innovation center When advertisers get scary—and the horror of self-indulgence Companies that made it to the most innovative companies list in 2021 Qatar Financial Centre report affirms investors' confidence in digital sector with 25% growth Almost 23 million people queue up for Dubai Police’s first NFT collection How to write a successful 'Most Innovative Companies’ application Bahrain joins UAE, Egypt, and Jordan for Industrial Partnership for Sustainable Economic Development Egypt turns to data analysis for informed decision-making on waste management Saudi Arabia unveils plans for NEOM listing by 2024 UAE’s Sultan Al Neyadi to become first Arab astronaut to spend six months on the International Space Station IMF forecasts 3.7% uptick in Saudi’s economic growth for 2023 Egypt to use electronic signatures for providing digital services for citizens KSA allocates $2.6 billion to address food security concerns Saudi Arabia and Greece tie up on undersea cables to connect Europe with the Middle East DEWA to host global summit to discuss the transition toward a green economy Saudi Arabia and Greece bolster ties on green hydrogen Saudi Arabia’s retail sector shows strong recovery Ooredoo Kuwait launches new high-speed connectivity solution Saudi economy boosted by higher oil prices, says IMF Saudi crown prince and UNESCO chief discuss kingdom’s cultural initiatives UAE’s trademark law is stricter and has zero tolerance for violations Egypt and India to invest $8 billion to build green hydrogen factory Top 5 design-forward watches to add to your collection All coffee aficionados must try these five experiences in Dubai The first CRISPR gene-editing drug is coming—possibly as soon as next year Here’s what the first six months of 2022 have looked like in space innovation AI could be a big Middle East story. But can it deliver business growth? This machine looks like a robot from ‘Wall-E,’ but it can turn air into drinking water Hollywood is developing its most ambitious NFT project yet during crypto winter It’s official: Elon Musk doesn’t want to buy Twitter after all Meta makes another big move to distance its metaverse from Facebook The 23 best new productivity apps for 2022 The Musk/Twitter saga feels like digital theater The first photos from NASA’s Webb telescope are already changing how we view the universe This technology will enable our search for alien life Nintendo just bought a movie studio—what it means for the company The email ‘hack’ that will change your relationship with your inbox Influencers are out—authenticity is in See Jupiter in all its infrared glory through the eyes of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Forget robots taking jobs, these researchers compare AI to fire. Here’s how we need to tend it Zoom meetings are boring. Can holograms make them interesting? Will crypto winter go the way of the dotcom bust? The CEO of SDF explains Bringing a missing sense of touch to surgeries. Middle East researchers develop a tool Steve Jobs’s signature is part of an amazing tech autograph collection up for bid A midsummer guide to enjoying podcasts Amazon’s $3.9 billion One Medical acquisition is already raising data privacy concerns Tesla has been down a rough road this year. What’s next for Elon Musk’s cash cow? After another rough quarter, could Netflix become an acquisition target? Why ‘Minecraft’ creator’s NFT snub could be a turning point for the video game industry The 15 best tech podcasts you need to listen to right now 4 great free under-the-radar tools for more manageable meetings 6 things I learned by going all in on iPhone photography Yes, you are being watched, even if no one is looking for you Big Tech earnings will decide the fate of the stock market this week in the US Social networking as we know it is likely on its way out An aerospace expert explains the tech behind a Russian satellite-blinding laser Meta’s business takes a dive as it pivots from old-school social networking Fintech will meet the needs of the unbanked, says Khalifa Al Shamsi Google’s Pixel earphones are a solid answer to Apple’s AirPods Pro The ultimate guide to Google’s time-saving keyboard shortcuts A cognitive city will be proactive, powering human interaction. But there’s more We’re in the midst of a fundamental shift in leadership One of these 4 types of workers could be ruining your teams How to deal with workplace conflict directly, even when you feel afraid What does a hybrid office look like? This company has 5 ideas It’s time to reframe our thoughts around anxiety. Here’s how to use it productively What’s wrong with the Middle East’s work culture? Here’s how to fix it How to teach your brain to reframe negative thoughts Tracking my stress at work actually helped my productivity What to do if you’re managing someone overconfident Want to retain your youngest hires? Invest in mentorship Reentering the workforce? This career path may be a good fit How to make yourself indispensable at work in a recession How far off is the Middle East in adopting the four-day work week? Employee engagement is out. This is the new goal The secretly powerful little app that you could write an entire book in How leaders can create a safety net for their employees Leaders, your employees think you lack self-awareness. Consider soft-skills coaching for everyone The pandemic made me feel stuck. Here’s how I got back on track How to prepare for an impending team restructuring This is the difference between equity and equality 7 reasons why emotional leaders are the future Your brain can actually hijack your success. Here’s how to retrain it 5 must-have HR policies for every employee handbook Team cohesion starts with this aspect of team development 3 unexpected benefits of stress and anxiety It’s time to debunk these 2 myths about pay raises If you want the job, tailor your résumé like this How to build a cozy and productive home office even if you’re a hyrbid worker Tech companies want diverse talent. Why are so many still hiring for ‘culture fit’? Become a better listener by doing these 3 simple things This is how job stress can worsen your health, according to science