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7 designers on their hopes for the new year MIT’s new ultra-thin solar cells can turn almost any surface into a solar panel Sony just unveiled a customizable PlayStation 5 controller to make gaming more accessible How Gen Z social media managers became the new CMOs Sony’s new space camera will help you feel like an astronaut Art needs curators—and so do NFTs Welcome to the era of 3D-printed suburbia Is maximalism in or out of style? This year, let’s decide it doesn’t matter Inside Volkswagen’s big bet on electric vehicles AI can now build you a better playlist The world’s biggest architecture firm just hired Disney’s former head Imagineer How challenging is converting iconic buildings like Burj Khalifa into building blocks? 5 ways office design can make you happier at work The solution to fashion’s sustainability crisis may be connected clothing tags Twitter’s auction is a farewell to social media’s boom times This robotic knitting factory might make your next pair of sneakers This Qatari designer is modernizing the abaya. And celebrities are taking notice Want to fix the environment? Let’s decarbonize the buildings in the Middle East How Tesla’s design took it from innovator to dud Ford struck gold with its F-150 Lightning frunk design What do the Big Tech layoffs mean for designers? Inside Converse’s innovation lab, where future Chuck Taylors come to life Innovation economy. What does it take to be one? The dirty little secret of sustainability goals Lebanon has the intent, but does it have the funds to act on climate change? 5 scientific breakthroughs in 2022 that should give you hope for the future These 20 sustainability actions reshaped the Middle East in 2022 Are you feeling the heat? Climate change in the Middle East poses a major threat to the economy This sustainability pioneer believes circular design is the key to redesigning a sustainable world What does real sustainability mean to the Middle East? Green tech and trends at CES 2023 point to environmental progress What does ESG stand for? 2 business scholars explain what environmental, social, and governance really is Youth Majlis is back at Davos. And world leaders must pay attention These startups could be the next hot ticket in cleantech These 3 government climate actions could trigger a cascade of positive tipping points The real estate industry in the Middle East has green regulations. So what’s holding it back? The solution to fashion’s sustainability crisis may be connected clothing tags Forest carbon offsets used by Shell, Salesforce, and others are said to be ‘largely worthless’ The world’s largest zero-emissions truck is more than two stories tall Climate-themed board games are leading to more understanding—and action Climate change misinformation has risen 300% on Twitter You next flight might land differently because of climate change COP28 will be a catalyst in ensuring global decarbonization, says Walid Sheta Switzerland is becoming the global center for innovation to decarbonize construction How playgrounds are becoming a secret weapon in the fight against climate change Tackling climate change requires a new mindset. Here are 3 things to focus on Sustainability can’t happen if leaders don’t approach it this way These building materials are made out of grass 5 remarkable health breakthroughs in 2022—and what to watch for in 2023 5 reasons to feel more optimistic about climate progress Drought-prone Egypt’s water scarcity is getting worse. So what is the way out? This startup captures CO2 by injecting it straight into volcanic rock What does real sustainability mean to the Middle East? 3 reasons why local climate activism can be a game changer 4 ways 2023 could be a big year for clean energy This futurist believes that human ingenuity can save the world Green jobs are up 237% in the last 5 years. Here are 4 ways to boost your skills and get hired What is the future of cities in the Middle East? Experts weigh in Climate change is killing off parasites. Here’s why that’s terrible news The modeling industry in the Arab region could be the next big thing. Here’s why Your dinner table will be different in 2050. Christine Gould serves some ideas The UAE will introduce a corporate tax this year. Are businesses ready? In 2023, the only certainty for businesses will be change—and purpose Gaza has a huge unemployment challenge. Can remote work solve that? Can teaching gamers about climate change motivate them to take action? More governments are banning single-use plastic. Here are 3 ways to make those bans effective Is plant-based meat dying, or is the industry just feeling growing pains? 14% of Dubai's total capacity for power production comprises of clean energy Kuwait to launch first satellite 'Kuwait Sat-1' on 3rd January Green mobility provider NWTN delivers first set e-vehicles to UAE firm Saudi Arabia announces new shipping service connecting Jubail Port with 11 international ports Bahrain inches closer to net zero goals with 7 bids for solar PV project Qatar's new social insurance law to boost employee morale Global Energy Forum to be held by Atlantic Council in Abu Dhabi UAE's Rashid Rover heading to the Moon crosses 1.24 million-km. What does it hope to find there? Saudi Arabia's water industry to grow as it increases desalination capacity UAE reveals its top priorities in the first cabinet meeting of 2023 Egypt allocates land for free for industrial development. Can it bring economic gains? Saudi Aramco awards $690 million desalination plant contract to Lamar Holding DIFC launches climate training series ahead of COP28 Kuwait forges strategic alliance with Google Cloud for digital transformation roadmap FIFA World Cup 2022 boosts Qatar's non-oil, retail and service sectors UAE's ADNOC commits $15 billion to reducing its global emissions Egypt invests approximately $16 billion in the Red Sea Governorate Saudi program supports youth in Yemen with $7.3 million fund QatarEnergy, Chevron team up to build $6 billion gas-to-plastics plant Dubai Green and Sustainable Industry Plan among the first phase of D33 economic agenda Elon Musk’s Starlink team up with Dubai’s Elcome to offer internet to the maritime sector New TONOMUS Venture Studio launches a metaverse competition The $50 billion Diriyah project is now part of Saudi Arabia's PIF portfolio Middle Eastern sovereign wealth funds doubled investments in western economies in 2022 A green comet will streak the sky near Earth for possibly the first time since the Stone Age Mubadala and Resilience team up to develop biopharma manufacturing in UAE Will a three-day weekend become a reality in Oman? Middle East consumers embrace the adoption of digital channels NEOM Hotel Development signs up GHM to manage Chedi Trojena Abu Dhabi-based Iceberg and Venom Foundation launch $1 billion crypto venture fund WEF president emphasizes Middle East’s significant role in energy transition Over 50,000 UAE nationals were employed in the private sector in 2022 ADNOC chief Sultan Al Jaber is the president of COP28 MENA's economic growth to slow due to the declining oil boom Saudi Arabian businessman leads the bid in Ronaldo-Messi match with $2.6 million UAE's Astra Tech acquires Botim to launch a super app Fast Company Middle East launches Green Goals, a dedicated section on climate change MoIAT to announce regulatory decrees ahead of COP28 at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week WEF meeting begins today at Davos with a strong Arab presence Elon Musk’s tweet on ancient Egypt goes viral and lands him invite to the nation Low carbon growth is the future, says Dr Sultan Al Jaber The new post-apocalyptic thriller 'The Last of Us' premieres on OSN A new report highlights gap between climate ambition and action in Middle East youth Davos 2023: Business activity is likely to receive blows this year Banking institutions in the Middle East to gain from financing energy transition Samsung to train over 100 UAE residents in AI and machine learning Sultan Al Jaber urges climate solidarity backed by action at ADSW Masdar City and AWS partner to support UAE startups A new study provides UAE manufacturers with an energy efficiency roadmap Exports in the Middle East likely be hardest hit if inflation continues UAE discusses challenges and future opportunities at Davos What are the most in-demand jobs in UAE and Saudi Arabia? Find out MoIAT regulates the trade of recycled plastic water bottles in UAE What are the Middle East’s most valuable brands? Read on Dubai is the world’s top travel destination in 2023, according to Tripadvisor UAE government to leverage design-thinking, say ministers at WEF Banks in GCC have a big role to mitigate climate risk, say experts Saudi Arabia announces move to support knowledge economy at WEF UAE launches Trade Tech Initiative at WEF to lead Industry 4.0 Saudi delegation highlights kingdom’s growth story at World Economic Forum UAE opens pre-registration for corporate tax for certain business categories Reel Palestine returns to Cinema Akil with 18 feature films and shorts du, Etisalat partner with Aldar to provide telecom services in Abu Dhabi Dubai Municipality to leverage advanced tech for 3D city project Louvre Abu Dhabi brings Bollywood Superstars to town Saudi Arabia launches entrepreneurship alliance to strengthen space tech ecosystem Is cybersecurity becoming a tick-box exercise for organizations in the UAE? Emirates completes engine ground testing with 100% SAF Business continuity is a concern for UAE companies: Report This is how UAE is speeding up ease of doing business UAE businesses top VC charts in MENA. Here’s how Spectacular jewelry pieces you need to see at the Van Cleef and Arpels exhibition in Riyadh New Kuwaiti series on Netflix sees women in lead roles Pre-seed investor Techstars to continue Riyadh startup program MCIT and HEC Paris team up to boost Qatar’s digital transformation How Saudi Arabia will leverage its soft power at World Heritage Committee Saudi Arabia anticipates borrowing roughly $12 billion in 2023 Starzplay’s first Arabic series is ‘Arab folklore with modern twist’ How Saudi Arabia is aiming to become an entertainment hub Archaeologists discover a 4,300-year-old mummy in Egypt How women are becoming a cornerstone of Qatar's growth Diriyah E-Prix is an unmatched experience, says Winnie Harlow BBC Arabic Radio service goes off air amid budget cuts Microsoft and EGA partner on Industry 4.0 and digitalization UAE launches project to establish centralized database of industrial companies AlUla Development Company to make Saudi heritage tourism project a global destination Energy transition must be inclusive of economic growth, says Dr Sultan Al Jaber DIFC launches metaverse platform to attract top tech innovators Three ways to incorporate self-care in 2023 Five climate-change books you should read Check out the ten best restaurants we love in the Middle East now Apple finally killed off the beloved Dark Sky weather app. Try these decent alternatives instead 11 crypto leaders on this chaotic year, and what’s next for 2023 2022 by the numbers: The wildest milestones of the year These 3 advancements in femtech will lead to better care and treatment for women’s health How the hunt for lifesaving drugs can be like finding buried treasure At CES, Google proves it’s rediscovered Android L’Oréal is giving lipstick and brow looks some new high-tech twists At CES, screens—big and small—again reigned supreme The 5 most captivating products we saw at CES 2023 Ryan Reynolds used ChatGPT to make a Mint Mobile ad, and the results were ‘mildly terrifying’ If ChatGPT doesn’t get a better grasp of facts, nothing else matters Big Tech transparency reports are a big mess This tech can make breast cancer detection in the Middle East easier and faster Lessons from 8 of the biggest tech product failures of all time Green tech and trends at CES 2023 point to environmental progress Why Apple CEO Tim Cook just called for his own 40% pay cut MrBeast’s president wants you to know the creator economy is not dead How confidential computing will shape the next phase of cybersecurity New generative AI tool instantly builds PowerPoints and presentation decks Healthcare operations are key to lasting, positive change JPMorgan paid $175 million for a buzzy student-aid startup. Now it says most of the users are fake Can AI select better leaders? It’s complicated The iPhone’s white noise machine and other fun, little-known features How to use AI to improve employee performance and engagement A new study suggests teenagers who use Instagram are happier than we think We’re primed for Web3 social media but builders must do this first Can Apple dodge the smartphone slowdown? People are using AI for therapy, whether the tech is ready for it or not 12 Google Calendar tips to make scheduling even easier Scientists detect a radio signal from 9 billion light years away—but no, it’s not aliens Elon Musk says he ‘had trouble sleeping’ before testifying in 2nd day of Tesla tweet trial Should you use ChatGPT to apply for jobs? Here’s what recruiters say No one’s talking about the crucial mindset difference between Bitcoin and crypto investors. Here’s why it matters Is AI transforming the Middle East’s retail industry? This smart new search site is like a mashup of Google and ChatGPT If you’re worried about ChatGPT and annoyed by quiet quitting, these words are for you How a new device transmits radio waves with almost no power A new antitrust suit against Google threatens its advertising empire Big Tech’s layoff binge stinks. Let’s hope it leads to a little discipline This Dubai-based VC invested $5 million in an NFT art gallery. Is it worth it? Snapchat’s trippy new brand campaign aims to answer the question: What is Snapchat for? How – and why – your privacy must be protected without compromising security Crypto may be down, but the underlying tech has never looked better Google, not OpenAI, has the most to gain from generative AI Exclusive: The makers of a Harry Potter smart wand claim Warner Bros. took their IP Do box sets matter in the Spotify era? Organs-on-chips: Tech that can help researchers conduct studies closer to real-life conditions Is AI bad for diversity? A computer scientist explains why even AI has computational limits How to make the most of Pinpoint, part of Google’s tool kit for journalists Report: China’s Baidu is preparing a ChatGPT chatbot rival Can technology solve the world's future problems? How can organizations upskill talent for the future of work? Will we still eat food in 2050? What will the future look like? How Tyra Banks is supporting more women-led businesses in the Middle East How can the world feed future generations sustainably? 5 tips to hit the ground running at work in 2023 5 employment trends that will shape the workplace in 2023 12 tips for managers on how to approach promotions These are the essential human skills needed for 2023 How to know if your inner voice is a liar Self-care may be increasing your stress—here are 5 things to consider 5 simple ways leaders can practice being more inclusive These 4 trends will define the future of employee benefits 14 CEOs offer their best advice for leading through a recession 5 key skills new managers will need this year Managers, you can support your high performers by asking this question twice Women in the Middle East are becoming entrepreneurs. Here’s why 3 leadership principles that build trust Stop lying to yourself. Use this roadmap to focus and meet goals When self-doubt can be a good thing How to develop the 3 fundamentals for success Managers: The next time someone says ‘just chill,’ use this 5 ways to survive and thrive when the CEO is the problem Want the perfect job? Employers in the Middle East are looking for these skills. How to set (and not forget) your work goals in 2023 Ask these 3 questions to become more likable Managers: If you want to provide meaningful feedback, don’t use this one term 4 hacks that can help you buy back your own time Feeling distracted? You need to understand the 4 types of attention If you want to be more creative, train your body not your mind Have you been ‘quietly promoted’? Here’s what to look out for Can working in the metaverse enhance creativity and productivity? Five science-backed ways to avoid conflict with your boss Forget unicorns—investors are looking for dragons How recent tech layoffs can disproportionately affect women and people of color Quiet or I’m quitting: Here’s why your employees are getting so fed up with workplace noise 5 ways employers use AI to evaluate your career potential Unconventional advice you can use from 13 C-suite leaders The battleground to retain employees has changed. Is the Middle East ready? The biggest mistake leaders make when someone resigns—and what to do instead