Can banking help you grow your wealth? This service is betting on it

Citigold integrates overseas transactions, investment in foreign stocks and insights from a team of advisors into one holistic platform.

Can banking help you grow your wealth? This service is betting on it
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Stephanie Davis runs a very successful interior design firm, juggling multiple projects across GCC. Being constantly on the move leaves her with little time to manage her finances effectively, and this rising demand for innovation is fueling products that are intuitive and customized.

Today, consumers can make online purchases within seconds, transfer funds globally, and manage their entire stock portfolio.

But when not spending, letting the money sit idle in a Savings Account, isn’t always the best option. Today, managing funds and investing them smartly is the key to maximising profits.

So, how has technology transformed how people invest in stocks and mutual funds to ensure their wealth grows?

We all find it difficult to remove time and track our investments. Back then, we would have to call our stock broker for queries or transactions. Today, the stockbroker has been replaced by integrated services, delivering updates, insights, and tailor-made portfolios to investors.

Citigold offers a personalized experience for clients, not just by deploying technology to manage wealth but by assigning expert advisors for each client. It enhances the banking and investments experience with customized strategies for building wealth and investing beyond borders.

Here’s how Citibank delivers a global banking experience to customers like Davis and millions like her:


By assembling a team of advisors, including relationship managers, alongside insurance and treasury specialists, Citigold provides clients with a 360-degree view of their wealth. Customers can get a bird’s eye view of the currency markets and resolve their queries with service relationship managers.


Citigold’s Diversification Index analyzes how diverse the individual’s investments are and compares them with the client’s appetite for risk. It measures the allocation of funds to assets from different sectors.


Get more choices as Citigold allows you to buy stocks listed on US exchanges, and ETFs from exchanges in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Funds can also be transferred beyond borders without any transaction fee via Citigold.


Citigold allows users to open Citi investment accounts and trade in mutual funds online, while it provides a holistic view of the investment portfolio under one brokerage. Clients can start with as low as $100, as they start investing in mutual funds on a monthly basis, as per their preference.

Citigold also provides services such as quick assistance to open a new banking account after relocating to any part of the world. To top it off, emergency access to cash without transaction fees and access to Citigold lounges is also offered for global citizens.

With an eye on international headlines and in-depth monthly reports, Citigold keeps users updated with the latest market developments.

Citigold reflects the spirit of innovation for delivering swift transactions alongside investment services. With these innovative features and services, Davies can stop worrying about her finances and focus on her true love, design.

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