It’s common to hear people talk about “the creative fields” of business or “creative departments,” as if they’re something distinct. But we, at Fast Company Middle East, think that’s hogwash. There are mind-blowingly creative individuals working across all industries and divisions, in labs and boardrooms, fields and courtrooms. And thank goodness. What would we have done this past year without creative people finding innovative solutions in medicine, finance, and, yes, even government? Our Most Creative People in Business list features 35 individuals who’ve made strides this past year that no one has ever made before, people who are already having an impact on the world. We hope you’ll be inspired by them.

The Full List

Bringing good things to more people

Putting people at the center, they are applying new ideas to improve and support the growth of positive social innovation

Exploring Space and Science

Outstanding individuals making significant contributions working for the broad benefit of humanity by exploring space and science

Keeping Us Healthy

Remarkable efforts in devising bold, innovative and transformative ideas to improve our physical and mental well-being