This premium ride service aims to make travel seamless, sustainable, and ethical

Blacklane premium service delivers comfortable, luxurious experiences while keeping sustainability and economics sound.

This premium ride service aims to make travel seamless, sustainable, and ethical
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If one could pay more for quicker, chauffeur-driven, door-to-door service, they would. The potential serves as a vicarious experience. It’s why we have chauffeur services in global cities.

“We’re driven by a mission to create peace of mind, tailored to individual needs,” says Nicolas Soucaille, General Manager of Blacklane, UAE. It’s not just the car. The staff’s training also makes customers feel at ease—the white glove service from a black car company. 

And for that, individuals with excellent driving and communication skills and a proven track record of safe driving are selected. Then they undergo training at Chauffeur Training Academy, which Blacklane launched in 2022. Every chauffeur receives outdoor training and practical elements of driving and service lasting two weeks, followed by monthly refresher courses. 

“It was developed to train all chauffeurs to the highest standards of service, safety, etiquette, and discretion,” adds Soucaille. The premium service, he adds, is about delivering comfortable, luxurious experiences while keeping sustainability and economics sound. In Dubai, the company invested in an all-electric fleet of the luxurious Mercedes-Benz EQS to minimize its carbon footprint.


It symbolizes the new, updated traveler’s dream. Besides the luxury factor, Blacklane is making gains within Dubai’s upscale, environmentally conscious set—of which there is no shortage. Luxury-meets-environmental is a key concern. So here’s a company that took the idea and made it work. Travelers can ride easily, knowing that all rides and routes are 100% carbon neutral as the company offsets all trip emissions.

Over the years, the premium mobility company has made significant gains within the industry. With its customer base of frequent business travelers, the company partners across many businesses, including consultancies, hotels, and airlines. Its product range includes airport transfers, city-to-city services, on-demand rides, and hourly bookings. Its app includes real-time flight tracking and adjustments of the pick-up times according to the arrival time. 

The feel-good aspect is a big part of Blacklane’s mission. It appeals to a wide subset of customers, promoting itself as an attainable luxury service to and from the airport, an area popular with tech executives.

In Dubai, it recently launched an on-demand service expanding its B2C base “so that residents incorporate us into their lifestyle and not just for business purposes,” says Soucaille. 

This summer, to support the growth of its B2C market, it reduced ride rates to “encourage Dubai residents to enjoy the experience.”

“We offer high-end vehicles with advanced features that ensure comfort and safety,” adds Soucaille. 

Its EQS vehicles have in-car noise cancellation so guests can sit back, relax or work throughout the journey. Apart from the HEPA air filtration system, every seat is ventilated with a massage function for the ultimate stress-free travel. 

Looking ahead, the company has its sights on ramping up on a new level to sustainable next-generation urban mobility.

After becoming the first ride service to achieve carbon-neutral certification in 2017 by offsetting emissions from all rides and business operations, it retroactively offset the company’s entire carbon footprint since its inception in 2011. Additionally, Blacklane, founded initially to help reduce the waste of resources by avoiding empty rides and better utilizing existing capacities within the industry, is a member of initiatives such as The Climate Pledge, Leaders for Climate Action, and the Solar Impulse Foundation.

“This ambitious goal signifies our dedication to moving beyond carbon offsetting, ultimately striving for a future where our operations produce no emissions at all,” says Soucaille.


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