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Luxury air travel is taking off again. And Fly FIVE might have a clear runway

Fly FIVE combines sustainable practices with luxury, redefining the travel experience and offering unparalleled comfort in the skies.

Luxury air travel is taking off again. And Fly FIVE might have a clear runway
[Source photo: Fly Five | Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

There is a growing awareness and concern for the environmental impact of travel, and the aviation industry finds itself at a critical juncture. As the demand for air travel continues to rise, so does the need for innovative solutions that address the industry’s carbon footprint and ecological consequences.

Business and luxury travel has transformed, with people preferring to travel in groups with friends. Paying the price of a first-class ticket but getting the flexibility of a private jet.

To combine the realms of aviation and environmental responsibility, FIVE Hotels and Resorts has introduced Fly FIVE, a venture that sets out to redefine luxury air travel while demonstrating a steadfast commitment to sustainability. It goes beyond conventional notions of luxury and aims to create an elevated experience in the skies. 


FIVE selected Swiss company Comlux Aviation to operate commercially their ACJ TwoTwenty in partnership through an exclusive charter agreement under Comlux AOC.

The aircraft registered as 9H-FIVE pronounced “Nine-Hotel-FIVE”, provides an in-flight experience designed for discerning luxury travelers. With its spacious seating for 16 passengers, a dining table accommodating eight, a master suite featuring a king-sized bed and shower, large screen TV, electro-chromatic window shades and full LED lighting, and a fully equipped kitchen, the aircraft ensures comfort and personalized service. Additionally, for guests not occupying the master bedroom, the aircraft’s versatile seats and sofas can be converted to provide an additional seven-bed space.

At the heart of Fly FIVE lies the ACJ TwoTwenty Cabin, a fusion of engineering, craftsmanship, and luxury. Comlux delivered the world’s first ACJ TwoTwenty with a bespoke cabin. The jet has impressive dimensions, measuring 78.1 feet (23.8 meters) in length, 10.8 feet (3.3 meters) in width, and 6.6 feet (2.0 meters) in height. Including four additional fuel tanks, the aircraft has a range of 5200 nautical miles while maintaining an average speed of 460 knots or 850 kilometers per hour.

The jet’s interior design is focused on efficient space utilization, offering convertible furniture that maximizes comfort and functionality. The coffee tables can transform into dining spaces, allowing passengers to enjoy meals together. With a generous floor space of 73 sqm, the cabin is thoughtfully divided into different areas, such as a dining zone, business lounge, and cinema room.

Powered by Pratt & Whitney engines, the ACJ TwoTwenty has an intercontinental range, being able to fly up to 5,650nm (10,500km), the equivalent of over 12 flight hours, allowing it to reach destinations throughout Europe from Dubai, as well as many locations in Africa and Asia.

Comlux Group CEO and chairman Richard Gaona called the project “the first of many amazing ACJ TwoTwenty cabins we will develop,” while Airbus Corporate Jets president Benoit Defforge hailed the platform’s “unbeatable operational efficiency, unmatched comfort, and technology.”

Gaona adds, “With our substantial fleet of large-cabin, long-range VIP aircraft, Comlux has positioned itself as a leading provider of luxurious group travel. It is an honor to partner with FIVE on their thrilling new project – from aircraft acquisition to cabin interior completion and aircraft operations. ”


Fly FIVE goes beyond delivering an elevated and exclusive customer experience by prioritizing sustainability. Demonstrating a strong environmental commitment, FIVE has taken a significant step by fully offsetting Fly FIVE’s annual emissions by utilizing nature-based carbon credits. The hotel group has acquired a sufficient quantity of nature-based carbon credits to offset 102% of the aircraft’s flying capacity during its inaugural year. By partnering with a fully certified carbon credit program, the funds generated from the offsets will be directed towards essential initiatives focused on rainforest preservation and reforestation in Borneo.

Kabir Mulchandani, Founder and Chairman, Five, stated, “Fly FIVE is a key milestone in developing FIVE’s bouquet of offerings to our discerning global clientele. 9H-FIVE will showcase the best aspects of both private and commercial aviation with one distinctive offering – by fusing the Best in Class Bizjet and FIVE’s Best in Class Hospitality and Entertainment. Thanks to Comlux’s know-how in engineering VIP interiors and customized air travel, FIVE can seamlessly curate an exclusive and luxurious lifestyle experience both on the ground – and in the air.”

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