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These were the best moments of the Most Creative People in Business 2023

An unforgettable night resonating with extraordinary individuals, heartfelt connections, and a collective commitment to driving positive change in our world.

These were the best moments of the Most Creative People in Business 2023
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

The Most Creative People in Business was a memorable affair for many reasons. It provided a platform to acquaint with creative geniuses across sectors. From well-known names to local changemakers to those bravely tackling social issues, the event culminated in the presence of the region’s most impactful individuals under one roof.

The awards and gala night commenced with a captivating musical overture. Yet, it wasn’t merely a performance that set the tone but a pulsating red carpet experience. As attendees entered the Armani ballroom, the foyer area resonated with a bespoke playlist crafted by music and entertainment partner, Anghami. From the empowering melodies of Sia’s Unstoppable to the infectious beats of The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights, the playlist struck the perfect harmonious notes, befitting the grandeur of the evening.

Replete with enchanting moments, the awards and gala night of the Most Creative People in Business was an extraordinary affair,  leaving an indelible imprint on the hearts and minds of all in attendance.

Let’s relive some of the best moments of the night: 


The opening performance by Lebanese-American singer, songwriter, and musician Nour Helou opened the night as she belted out timeless hits like Whitney Houston’s I Have Nothing, Alicia Keys’ If I Ain’t Got You, and Lady Gaga’s Shallow. Her captivating performance evoked a rapturous response, with cheers, hoots, and dancing reverberating throughout the ballroom. The palpable energy of the moment compelled even renowned artist and philanthropist Sacha Jafri to join the dance floor in celebration.


This year’s Most Creative People in Business list seamlessly brought together individuals from across the Middle East. The collective talent served as a shining testament to the diversity inherent in the region.

When the name of Qatari comedian Hamad Al Amari was announced, an eruption of cheers engulfed the crowd. Renowned for his razor-sharp wit, Al Amari graced the stage and, true to his comedic prowess, delivered a line that left the audience in uproarious laughter. With a mischievous grin, he quipped, “Many struggle with my name. It’s just calamari without the ‘c’,” instantly earning him an outpouring of applause and laughter.

Another beloved figure who captivated the crowd was Anas Bukhash. Reflecting on the essence of creativity, he eloquently expressed, “I always thought the word ‘creative’ is intertwined with us as children, and it’s disappointing how we grow up and become less curious, refined, and boxed. But everyone’s creative if we always find that inner child that is so curious. I appreciate that I’m considered one.” His heartfelt words resonated with all, igniting a wave of appreciation and inspiration.


A profoundly touching moment unfolded when Saudi blogger Dalia Darweesh took the stage to accept her well-deserved award.  “This is truly a dream come true,” she tearfully said. Her heartfelt speech struck a chord with the audience as she reflected upon her personal journey and the formidable challenges she had overcome to reach this milestone.

Among the illustrious honorees, several remarkable individuals left an indelible mark on the evening., including UK-based Syrian refugee, a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, and first female Syrian pilot Maya Ghazal, Dubai-based athlete Dareen Barbar, and the pioneering Suaad Al Shamsi, the first female aircraft engineer in the UAE. 

An electrifying atmosphere permeated the venue as luminaries of distinction, such as H.H. Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah, reveled in their well-deserved moments of recognition. The celebration not only honored their remarkable contributions but also served as a poignant reminder of the transformative power that creativity and vision hold.


The curated list heralded the presence of formidable women who held significant sway in the region, solidifying their positions as influential policymakers, public leaders, entrepreneurs, and filmmakers.

Among the notable women trailblazers were visionary pioneers like H.E. Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi, President of the American University of Sharjah, known for her transformative endeavors; H.E. Huda AlHashimi, Deputy Minister of Cabinet Affairs for Strategic Affairs, who has demonstrated her exceptional acumen and leadership skills, and CNN Abu Dhabi’s esteemed journalist Becky Anderson, renowned for her insightful storytelling. 


Beyond the distinguished honorees, the event served as a gathering of extraordinary creatives, each with their own compelling stories. Among them, Youmna Khoury, the visionary founder of Youmi Beauty, stood out as a true trailblazer in the industry.

Even after the night ended, palpable energy lingered in the air, enticing some attendees to linger and partake in heartfelt conversations, forging meaningful connections that extended beyond the confines of the event itself. The team from Dubai One seized the immediate excitement of the night, capturing the essence of the gala by conducting insightful interviews with the honorees, providing a platform for them to reflect on their personal takeaways from the evening.

Undeniably, this night stood as a jubilant celebration, a collective moment to cheer one another on, revel in shared successes, and inspire each other to strive toward a brighter future.

Check out the full list of honorees here.

Blacklane served as the mobility partner, ensuring smooth transportation for our attendees. Anghami, the music and entertainment partner, contributed to the vibrant atmosphere with their curated playlist. Citi, the banking partner, provided valuable support for the event. 

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