The most innovative company in women-backed of 2022

This year's most innovative women-backed company made finance a stimulating learning experience.

The most innovative company in women-backed of 2022
[Source photo: Fast Company Middle East]

Explore the Fast Company Middle East’s Most Innovative Companies 2022 list; 42 organizations are reshaping their businesses and industries. We’ve selected the companies making the most significant impact with their initiatives across 25 categories, including the most innovative retail, emerging tech, and energy companies.

Every year we see a record number of women-backed businesses in the Middle East disrupting the culture and economy, although there’s a substantial drop in venture capital funding for women-led startups. In our tech-driven economy, where women are still tackling incredible obstacles that could be resolved by backing the right creative minds, this year we honor an innovative women-back company that created an impact by making finance training fun. 


For gamifying financial training

Knowing what drives a business’s cash flows and profitability holds significance to leaders and employees at all levels of the hierarchy. And what could be the better way to master financial understanding through a fun board game? Making learning fun, Balinca’s innovative financial training methodology allows companies to use their human capital for a better turnover. Founded by Shereen Tawfiq, the edtech company uses an innovative board game simulation to teach finance and utilizes experiential learning that increases retention levels by 70%.

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