The 3 most innovative companies in workplace of 2023

The Most Innovative Companies recognized in this year's (Best) Workplace category are dedicated to making a positive social impact and establishing wonderful workplaces.

The 3 most innovative companies in workplace of 2023
[Source photo: Fast Company Middle East]

Explore the Fast Company Middle East’s Most Innovative Companies 2023 list; featuring 42 winning entries reshaping businesses and industries. We’ve selected the companies making the most significant impact with their initiatives across 23 categories, including the most innovative services, sustainability & cleantech and retail companies.

In the past year, certain organizations have prioritized learning, development, shared objectives, and the well-being of their employees in the workplace. The Most Innovative Companies recognized in this year’s Workplace category are dedicated to making a positive social impact and establishing wonderful workplaces.


For empowering the workforce to grow and develop skills

By focusing on employee well-being, flexible work policies, sustainability initiatives, support for new mothers, wellness sessions, and extensive learning and development opportunities, e& advocates a healthier workforce that translates into a more productive workforce. The telecom giant launched a flexible work policy that allows for remote working two days a week, with the option to change remote work days on a week-to-week basis, a program reskilling and upskilling the workforce, championing their capabilities. It introduced the Green Fridays initiative as mandatory remote working days to reduce carbon footprint and increase the positive sentiment among employees. To support new mothers, the company allows them to work remotely for up to two months post-delivery.

Partnering with top experts and brands from the health and lifestyle sector, it runs events to offer medical screenings, consultations, and exclusive deals. To promote learning and development, employees can access its growing library of over 50,000 courses and explore tailored programs designed to help them lead and succeed.

KPMG Professional Services

For embracing learning and development programs

Focusing on individual’s unique experiences and capabilities, KPMG Professional Services develops integrated team learning and development programs. Through its thought leadership publications highlighting research and societal insights across various topics and sectors, it’s been informing and stimulating discussion, aiming to foster innovative ideas.

In 2021, KPMG Saudi Arabia was part of the Global Climate Response data collection that consolidated in its Global Impact Plan 2022, outlining the steps to achieve its global net-zero goal by 2030.

It supported the Code for Girls workshops that benefited over 200 girls through experiential learning while its employees shared their stories to motivate the girls. As part of combining the learning and development agenda with social impact, it donated about $80 to the Down Syndrome Charity Organization for every employee completing three modules of the Digital & Data Foundations course, thus upskilling people and allowing tutoring for the mothers of children with Down Syndrome.


For creating shared goals through dynamic and flexible policies

Over the past two years, TBWA\RAAD has introduced initiatives impacting its team members and the broader community. Examples include introducing the Global Freedom program, allowing employees to work from anywhere for four weeks each year. Furthermore, it has shifted its approach to talent performance and growth by implementing dynamic feedback and coaching processes to empower individuals in their personal development journey. The agency has also prioritized learning and development, offering tailored training programs and leadership development initiatives. Finally, introducing Pirates\Connected has fostered a sense of belonging and connection among the geographically dispersed workforce.

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