The 2 most innovative companies in social good of 2023

The winners in our Social Good category demonstrate corporate responsibility that extends beyond profit.

The 2 most innovative companies in social good of 2023
[Source photo: Fast Company Middle East]

Explore the Fast Company Middle East’s Most Innovative Companies 2023 list; featuring 42 winning entries reshaping businesses and industries. We’ve selected the companies making the most significant impact with their initiatives across 23 categories, including the most innovative services, sustainability & cleantech and retail companies.

The winners in our Social Good category demonstrate corporate responsibility that extends beyond profit. While one engages in disaster relief and digital inclusion, the other, a major player in the beauty industry, is deeply committed to environmental sustainability and community engagement. Together, they set a notable standard for social responsibility.

L’Oréal Middle East

For synthesizing innovative thinking and environmental responsibility

As one of the leading beauty companies, L’Oréal Middle East is trying to limit its environmental impact. It has reached several milestones in that mission, such as 100 industrial sites, including 25 factories, achieving carbon neutrality in 2021, and 67% of the PET plastic in its products being from recycled sources last year. By 2025, it envisions all plastic packaging to be eco-friendly. Garnier has initiated plastic recycling in the region, notably in Saudi Arabia. In the Middle East, Kiehl’s is pioneering refillable packaging solutions. Initiatives like the Hairstylists for the Future Salon program in the region and a partnership with local waste management providers to deliver recycling solutions for the different materials used in salons, such as aluminum tubes, plastic bottles, and even hair, push these plans forward. It also launched the first trackable forest in the UAE in partnership with the Emirates Marine Environmental Group. The forest, comprising over 3,300 mangroves, was planted by L’Oréal Middle East employees, preserving our environment and supporting local biodiversity. 

Yahsat Group

For helping in search and rescue missions

During the past year, Yahsat Group has delivered vital connectivity to remote and underserved communities, showcasing a solid commitment to saving lives during natural disasters and emergencies. One of the company’s initiatives is the Yahsat Saves Lives operation, which has helped in search and rescue missions, saving numerous lives, including Chinese fishermen stranded in Japanese waters in May. Also, Yahsat’s commitment to bridging the digital divide is evident through its partnership with ZARNet, as it offers affordable internet connectivity to disadvantaged rural communities and conducts training sessions, actively promoting digital inclusion in underserved regions. These initiatives underline Yahsat’s unique position in the satellite communication sector, where their cost-effective solutions have a global connectivity impact while strongly emphasizing sustainability and social responsibility.

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