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Abu Dhabi Industrial Strategy to boost UAE’s industrial growth and achieve net-zero targets

The Minister of Industry and Advanced Tech said that the plan complements the achievements of the UAE’s industrial strategy.

Abu Dhabi Industrial Strategy to boost UAE’s industrial growth and achieve net-zero targets
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After a slowdown during the pandemic, the UAE unveiled plans to increase its industrial revenue to more than $81 billion in this decade. Initiatives such as Make it in the Emirates also aim to turn the country into a regional manufacturing hub. The UAE also keeps sustainability in mind and offers incentives and benefits to firms that adhere to eco-friendly manufacturing practices as part of its green agenda.

To complement the achievements of UAE’s industrial strategy, Abu Dhabi has introduced its initiative to promote industrialization in the city. The Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology Dr Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, while speaking at the Abu Dhabi Industrial Strategy launch, said that the ministry aims to double its efforts to diversify the economy and increase competitiveness in the industrial sector. The strategy will include incentives and a world-class infrastructure designed to create an environment that attracts investors.

The new industrial plan also aims to support the UAE’s net-zero goals for 2050. It will facilitate the National Climate Change Plan by creating opportunities for green industries. It will promote smart manufacturing practices and energy efficiency in the sector for sustainable industrial growth. 

The minister added that the UAE had developed its industrial ecosystem by focusing on existing industries and facilitating future sectors to bring industrial investments into the country. The investments will be used to boost the industrial sector’s contribution to the UAE’s GDP growth. “The strategy will support national industrial growth, nurture and empower Emirati talent, create a smart circular economy, develop a sustainable ecosystem, invest in future technologies, and enhance partnerships with the private sector,”  added Al Jaber.

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Mentioning factors that will help the UAE become an industrial hub, the minister said, “advantages include its strategic geographic location, export capabilities, access to major supply chains and free trade agreements, supportive policies and regulatory frameworks, raw materials, a mix of traditional and renewable energy, a skilled workforce, an advanced transport, logistics, communication, and information technology infrastructure and an ideal quality of life in a diverse, stable, and secure society.”

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