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Abu Dhabi’s culinary prowess takes center stage as Michelin Guide unveils 2024 list

A total of 46 restaurants were selected in the second edition of the Michelin Guide Abu Dhabi 2024, covering 21 different types of cuisine.

Abu Dhabi’s culinary prowess takes center stage as Michelin Guide unveils 2024 list
[Source photo: Michelin Abu Dhabi ]

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The Michelin Guide Abu Dhabi continues to make waves in the gastronomic world, and rightfully so – Abu Dhabi has emerged as one of the world’s leading cities for exquisite dining. Now, the city is home to numerous coveted Michelin-star eateries.

Globally recognized, the Michelin Guide holds a reputation as one of the most influential lists, guiding enthusiasts to exceptional dining experiences.

Yesterday, the Michelin Guide Abu Dhabi 2024 unveiled its second edition of recommended restaurants in the capital.

This year’s list reflects Abu Dhabi’s growth as a leader in the culinary world and is accompanied by several new openings.

“Our inspectors continue to be impressed by the dynamism of Abu Dhabi and the sheer variety of cuisines on offer. Our newest recipient of a Michelin Star, Erth restaurant, sums up the city so well, as it offers a truly unique experience inspired by the beauty and traditions of the region,” said Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of The Michelin Guides.

Last year, three restaurants were recognized with one Michelin Star for high-quality cooking, and four establishments received a Bib Gourmand distinction for their good food at moderate prices.

All these restaurants retain the distinction for the 2024 Michelin Guide Abu Dhabi edition.

This year, Emirati restaurant Erth joins the three restaurants – Talea by Antonio Guida, Hakkasan, and 99 Sushi Bar – awarded Michelin Stars in last year’s inaugural guide.

Six establishments received a Bib Gourmand, with two newly awarded this year, Oii and Al Mrzab – which join – retainers of the distinction Almayass, Beirut Sur Mer, Otoro and ťazal.

A total of nine eateries were added to The Michelin Guide Abu Dhabi this year: Erth, Ray’s Grill, Yadoo’s House, Maté, José by Pizarro, terra, Kopitiam by Chandy’s, Al Farah and Les Dangereux. The cuisines range from Spanish to Malaysian, Argentinean to Emirati.

Under the Special Awards categories, three restaurants were honored; these include the ‘Service Award’ awarded to chef Chandran Thanggaraja from Malaysian restaurant Kopitiam by Chandy’s; Opening of the Year Award was given to Les Dangereux and the Young Chef Award awarded to Rigers Cuka, Restaurant Oii.

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