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ADDED and GE join forces to create a circular economy in the UAE

The agreement is to support the region’s Industry 4.0 and bring down emissions through circular manufacturing practices.

ADDED and GE join forces to create a circular economy in the UAE
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Technology such as intelligent containers and robots for classification that facilitate recycling can boost a circular economy via AI and the Internet of Things. In 2030, Gulf countries can save almost $140 billion if they switch to a more sustainable circular economy. The UAE’s Circular Economy Council has also approved 22 new policies, which will facilitate the migration away from a less efficient linear economy.

Now, Abu Dhabi’s Department of Economic Development (ADDED) has signed a pact with the digital arm of global tech firm General Electronics (GE) to accelerate digitization. The adoption of technology resulting from this agreement will lead to the creation of a circular economy. The tech resources provided by GE will support the UAE’s evolution as a hub for Industry 4.0 while cutting down emissions and pollution.

The partnership will focus on strengthening the manufacturing sector, the biggest non-oil sector in terms of contribution to the UAE’s GDP. Apart from sharing know-how for the industrial sector’s tech transformation, GE will also provide information on best practices to design incentive packages that accelerate the shift towards a digital economy. It’ll also prepare a regional workforce for the future through skillset development programs focused on increasing diversified technical knowledge among manufacturers.

Abu Dhabi already accounts for 40% of the UAE’s industrial sector, and through this partnership, ADDED will work with GE Digital to promote circular manufacturing practices. The digital transformation in manufacturing will also reduce the total cost of ownership and increase profits for businesses in the Middle East.

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