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ADQ to develop advanced greenhouse facility to improve UAE’s food security

The new greenhouse facility will help reduce the use of carbon and water.

ADQ to develop advanced greenhouse facility to improve UAE’s food security
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

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ADQ, Abu Dhabi’s investment holding company, has partnered with Netherlands-based smart agriculture company Safe Haven Solutions to build a high-tech greenhouse to strengthen the UAE’s food security. 

To be located in ADQ’s AgTech Park, the 10-hectare facility will utilize agriculture technology to aid in sustainable food production for the Gulf state. The greenhouse will grow tomatoes and cucumbers all year-round with the help of a cooling system that reduces carbon and water. 

For phase two of the project, the size of the space will be doubled to 20 hectares worth of crops. “Our partnership with Safe Haven Solutions expands our mission to increase Abu Dhabi’s sustainable agricultural footprint. By driving investments in AgTech solutions, we are strengthening the UAE’s ability to grow more produce domestically,” said Gil Adotevi, chief executive of food and agriculture at ADQ.

Nadeem Mohammed Aslam, co-founder of Safe Haven Solutions, notes that sustainable agriculture is vital in enhancing food security, adding, “We are confident that the AgTech Park, paired with our innovative technologies, will help strengthen the foundation of the UAE’s agriculture sector as it accelerates towards securing year-round access to nutritious food that feeds a growing nation.”

In March, AgTech Park, an agricultural venture of ADQ, began operations of their multipurpose vertical farm in Khalifa Economic Zones Abu Dhabi. With a bigger picture to cut its reliance on imports, 90% of food consumed in the country, the UAE has shown support for AgTech’s projects.

Abu Dhabi has announced a number of food security initiatives, such as $41 million in grants and incentives worth $545 million to help bolster the sector. 

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