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AI and cloud service registrations in Saudi Arabia surging

Riyadh led AI registrations, recording 5,492.

AI and cloud service registrations in Saudi Arabia surging
[Source photo: Krishna Prasad/Fast Company Middle East]

Saudi Arabia’s technology sector witnessed growth in the second quarter this year, with artificial intelligence (AI) registrations recording a 53% increase and cloud computing services rising by 43%, according to the Ministry of Commerce’s quarterly business sector bulletin.

The bulletin revealed that the kingdom issued 8,948 official identification cards for AI during the second quarter, as compared to 5,820 issued in Q2 2023. 

For cloud computing, 2,358 official identification cards were issued, an increase from 1,648 in Q2 2023. 

Riyadh led in AI technology permits, recording 5,492, followed by Makkah with 1,789, the Eastern Province with 939, Madinah with 254, and Asir with 115. 

The country’s arts, entertainment, and leisure sector also experienced growth, with 20,465 commercial registrations issued during Q2 this year, up from 16,438 in the same period last year. 

Meanwhile, the e-gaming sector recorded 336 registrations in the second quarter of this year, a rise from 260 during Q2 2023 and showing a 29% growth. 

The mining and quarrying sector saw 7,871 registrations, up from 6,671 in the same quarter last year. Businesses in pharmaceuticals and medical products recorded a 34% increase in registrations, with 1,155 commercial records issued, compared to 859 in Q2 2023.

The ministry issued over 120,000 commercial registrations during Q2 2024, indicating a 78% YoY increase. 

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