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AI university in Abu Dhabi joins forces with IBM to boost AI research

IBM will also provide lectures, labs and a curated AI curricula for the students at MBZUAI.

AI university in Abu Dhabi joins forces with IBM to boost AI research
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

By automating 80% of all physical work, AI can significantly reduce business operations time and costs. Integration of smart tech in business is expected to contribute as much as $320 billion to the Middle East’s economy in 2030. With self-driving cars supporting logistics at ports in the UAE, and AI-backed investment apps, automation has touched every sector in the Middle East.

To boost innovation in smart tech, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI) in Abu Dhabi has partnered with tech giant IBM to create a center of excellence for research in the field. The collaboration aims to support scientific breakthroughs that will use AI to solve major challenges and create a space where researchers from IBM can work with MBZUAI’s faculty and students.

The center of excellence will be set up at MBZUAI’s Masdar campus to leverage IBM’s talent and the abilities of the university’s students for fundamental and applied research. They will work on real-life use of AI, such as Natural Language Processing for Arabic.

They’ll also develop AI applications to meet climate and sustainability goals and advancements in the healthcare sector. IBM will also provide curated AI curricula, lectures, labs, industry use cases, and design-thinking sessions. Students at MBZUAI will receive an AI-practitioner certificate after completing the IBM Skills Academy program.

Meanwhile, Huawei has partnered with Qatar University to set up an AI lab.

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