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Arab youth prefer UAE as the top country to live in over US and Canada

Safe environment and economy make UAE the “model nation”, according to Arab Youth Survey

Arab youth prefer UAE as the top country to live in over US and Canada
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The UAE has held on to the top spot as the country young Arabs would choose to make their home for the 11th year, according to the Arab Youth Survey. 

The survey found that 57% of Arab men and women chose the UAE as their preferred country, while 24% chose the US as their second choice, followed by 20% each from Canada and France and 15% from Germany.

The UAE, regarded as a “model nation,” also came out on top (37%) when Arab youth were asked which country their nation should emulate. The US came in second at 22%, with Canada (18%), Germany (14%), France (11%), and Turkey (11%) behind.

“The movement of people away from or towards you is the most sincere vote on the success of your experience – this is my message to all governments,” Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai tweeted.

The report found that the UAE’s top attractions were its economy (27%), a safe and secure environment (26%), good wages and a wide range of employment options (22%), and effective leadership (17%). Other draws included the UAE’s respect for regional cultural norms, excellent educational system, ease of doing business, and low tax burden.

“What is perhaps most telling is the fact that the UAE scores highly on all the issues Arab youth said were important to them in our research, such as job opportunities, education quality, and the preservation of the region’s cultural traditions and values,” said Sunil John, president, MENA, BCW, and founder of Asda’s BCW,

The survey further revealed that while most Arab youths are positive, Emirati youth are especially upbeat, with 91% believing that their best days are still ahead of them and that their nation’s economy is moving in the right direction. 

Around 3,400 young Arab citizens between 18 and 24 were surveyed, with a 50/50 gender split, in 50 cities spread throughout 17 Arab states.

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