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Astra Tech launches Botim 3.0 – an ultra app for everything

The Ultra app enables new ways to communicate, transact, and shop globally

Astra Tech launches Botim 3.0 – an ultra app for everything
[Source photo: Pankaj Kirdatt/Fast Company Middle East]

Astra Tech launched Botim 3.0, the “ultra app”, an all-inclusive digital platform incorporating fintech, e-commerce, GPT, and communication into a single user experience.

The app enables users to access services such as peer-to-peer transactions and international transfers, access to over 100,000 stores, and advanced video services such as tutoring and telemedicine later this year.

“The app space has become overcrowded over the past few years, with many platforms now causing serious app noise and fatigue to users. We believe that a chat-based approach to offer all our services, on top of Botim, will provide users of all backgrounds and demographics with a single access point to the services they need, making our services inclusive and scalable,” says Abdallah Abu Sheikh, Co-Founder and CEO of Astra Tech, Botim’s parent company.

The app is credited for introducing Arabic GPT that enables users to easily execute various tasks within the Botim ecosystem, including booking airline tickets, ordering coffee, initiating international money transfers, scheduling tutoring sessions, sending meeting invites, and more. 

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