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Billboard Arabia launches initiative to showcase music of MENA region

Producers and artists can send one-minute tracks based on regional sound samples

Billboard Arabia launches initiative to showcase music of MENA region
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

To pay tribute to the landscapes of the Arab world and celebrate the region’s rich natural beauty through music, Billboard Arabia, a platform dedicated to covering music, culture, and entertainment, has announced the launch of Sounds of the Land.

The platform analyzed maps and used topographic techniques to extract data from five Middle East and North African (MENA) regions and transformed them into unique sounds, which were then carved onto vinyl recordings.

Billboard Arabia is offering Sounds of the Lands samples to all artists and producers for use in music creation on the website and Soundcloud.

They can send in one-minute tracks inspired by the Sounds of the Land, and from the submissions Billboard Arabia, in partnership with gamma, will curate a list of 10 of the best tracks, which will be released individually throughout the year.

The websites feature 20 samples that showcase the beauty and diversity of the Arab world, such as the sounds of AlUla in Saudi Arabia, Tafilah in Jordan, Tinghir in Morocco, Kadisha Valley in Lebanon, and Luxor in Egypt.

Billboard Arabia will also introduce other Billboard franchises to the MENA market, including the Billboard Arabia Music Awards and Arabic Music Week.

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