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BOTIM is integrating Arabic ChatGPT into its app

Collaborating with MBZUAI, it will cater to international money transfers, bill payments, and e-commerce.

BOTIM is integrating Arabic ChatGPT into its app
[Source photo: Chetan Jha/Fast Company Middle East]

The UAE-based tech firm Astra Tech is integrating Arabic ChatGPT into its BOTIM app, a messaging and voice-over-internet protocol solution for the MENA region, as a pilot test so users can interact with the ability to use generative AI when it comes to international money transfer, bill payments, government services, and weather checks. 

Later, the tech firm aims to add stores and healthcare services to the voice-calling app. 

Initially, BOTIM GPT will be available to a select group of its 100 million-plus user base before gradually expanding. 

Following the testing phase, users can input their inquiries into the chat field, and the model will process the sentence, providing source URLs that redirect them to more information about a particular service of interest.

The company is leveraging the Mohamed bin Zayed University of AI Artificial Intelligence’s (MBZUAI) expertise in natural language processing (NLP) to enable enhanced services for its customers. 

“BOTIM’s Arabic Chat GPT marks another significant step towards simplifying people’s daily lives and transforming the global tech industry while enhancing the capabilities of our upcoming ultra app,” said Abdallah Abu Sheikh, Co-Founder and CEO of Astra Tech, BOTIM’s parent company.

The Middle East is poised to experience a 20% annual growth rate in AI by 2030, and the UAE is set to lead the region with an average annual contribution of nearly 35%. 

“We are excited to be at the forefront of technological innovation and creating new opportunities with local academic collaboration,” added Abu Sheikh.

Talking about the collaboration with Astra Tech, Sultan al Hajji, Vice President of Public Affairs and Alumni Relations, MBZUAI, said it underscores how the university’s research and subject matter expertise in NLP is being deployed to address challenges and enable enhanced services for industries and their customers. 

“We welcome further opportunities to align our scientific focus with the UAE and wider region’s vision for innovation in technology and communications.” 

Astra Tech aims to create an ultra app with multiple services and an intuitive interface that provides customers and merchants with profitable and scalable unit economics. By leveraging BOTIM as the base of the ultra app, Astra Tech aims to reach millions of users.

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