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Can technology really save us from the climate crisis?

A new report finds 75% of UAE residents believe technological solutions will help to adapt to it

Can technology really save us from the climate crisis?
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

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As a part of the UAE’s efforts to combat climate change, the country set out a goal to recycle 75% of waste back in 2018, further supported by the UAE Circular Economy Policy 2021-2031.

As COP28 approaches, a new report explores whether residents are doing their part in reducing waste.

The report released by communications firm duke+mir in collaboration with YouGov shows that five in ten respondents use recycling facilities, while three in ten upcycle products.

UAE residents expressed their opinions about global warming, as 75% think humans will find technological solutions and adapt. A majority (52%) consider climate change inevitable and say we shouldn’t worry about it, while 40% think that climate change is a hoax, with just 20% strongly disagreeing that it isn’t.

Titled Environment Action in the UAE, the report surveyed 1,000 people across the UAE. Findings showed only five in ten respondents live near a public park or public transport, with around 48% spending time in a green space for at least 30 minutes weekly.

Around 25% of respondents said they use public transport or carpool, while nearly 24% already drive hybrid or electric vehicles.

“The biggest challenge that cities face at a global scale is climate change. This highlights the significance of implementing measures that reduce the impact on the environment when planning and building urban areas, encompassing even small-scale interventions such as implementing effective urban recycling practices to incorporating urban greenery in streetscapes and buildings,” Fatma Abdulla Ibrahim Al Khayat, Urban Planning Specialist at Abu Dhabi Executive Office, says in the report.

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