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ChatGPT for governance? UAE considers the possibilities

Sheikh Mohammed asked authorities to evaluate how the technology can be used to improve healthcare and education.

ChatGPT for governance? UAE considers the possibilities
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Over the past few weeks, the world has been experiencing an all-too-rare moment of joy and fear: the arrival of a new artificial intelligence chatbot, ChatGPT, which takes pretty much any prompt a user throws at it and produces what they want, whether code or text. 

In the Middle East, with the AI revolution fully in motion, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has asked the authorities to do a study on ChatGPT and how the government can use the technology safely on education, health, and other industries.

At the recent World Economic Forum annual meeting, Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft Corporation, talked about how ChatGPT can help improve the lives of people living in rural areas by providing access to up-to-date information and resources, as well as improve the quality of life of villagers by providing access to healthcare services.

With its ability to answer medical questions and provide accurate diagnoses, ChatGPT can help improve the healthcare options available to people, potentially leading to reduced costs and improved access to healthcare services. ChatGPT also has the potential to revolutionize the communication and education options available to people, especially those living in rural areas, with its ability to answer follow-up questions and provide access to a range of educational materials and resources that can be used to improve the quality of life.

Meanwhile, a strategy to enhance government operations through AI technology has also received approval from the UAE cabinet.

The initiative aims to increase productivity, encourage competition, improve the caliber of government services, and give training to employees.

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