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COP28 President calls for unprecedented action for UAE Consensus

Sultan Al Jaber said that it is the time for all stakeholders to step up.

COP28 President calls for unprecedented action for UAE Consensus
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

The UAE Consensus, the set of measures agreed on at COP28 to keep the average global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees Celsius, delivered a series of world firsts across the climate agenda, including the first-ever agreement to transition away from fossil fuels, a target to triple renewable energy capacity by 2030, and a commitment to end deforestation in the same period.

Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology and COP28 President Sultan Al Jaber said that meeting these goals will require “unprecedented action” by global stakeholders.  

“To keep this spirit alive and build on the momentum achieved. We must now turn an unprecedented agreement into unprecedented action. Now is the time for all stakeholders to step up,” he added.

He said that all parties who signed the UAE Consensus must work on enhancing their Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) before the next cycle in 2025. 

“They need to adopt comprehensive economy-wide emission reduction targets that cover all greenhouse gasses, are aligned with science, and keep 1.5 degrees Celsius in reach,” the COP28 President said.

The climate summit pushed the oil and gas industry to achieve targets, such as 40% of global oil production committing to zero methane emissions by 2030 and net zero by or before 2050. 

“This is a good start, but it must be built on. I will continue to push for more,” said Al Jaber.

The Innovation By Design Summit is in Doha on April 24. Attendance at the summit is by invitation only. Delegates can register here to receive their exclusive invite.

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