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DEWA to use AI to fight cyber threats and improve efficiency

DEWA looks to deploy various AI-powered solutions to help lower water wastage and improve operational efficiency.

DEWA to use AI to fight cyber threats and improve efficiency
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Dubai Electric and Water Authority (DEWA) has announced that it has developed several cutting-edge solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI)  to enhance operational efficiency and counter technological threats like cyber-attacks. 

The agency also wants to monitor leaks and faults and aims to repair them immediately with the help of AI.

According to the DEWA, these innovative solutions will be able to read sensor data to predict issues with pumps and intelligent meters, thus reducing water wastage. These solutions will also be able to alert users in the event of a potential water leak on their premises.

As of 2021, Dubai’s Water Network losses are among the lowest worldwide and have come down to 5.3%. Deploying these new and advanced tech solutions will only help minimize losses.

Among the various solutions the agency has developed – a solution called iService reads data from the meters to identify fraudulent activities or tempering. It can also detect service interruptions in advance and automatically initiate corrective procedures.

Another project, Hydronet, uses AI and Deep Learning to help DEWA remotely monitor and control the water network in Dubai. Similarly, the SCADA system is aimed at offering real-time analytics of the current state of the network and can help fix issues without any human intervention.

DEWA’s High-Water Usage Alert automatically initiates an alert when it detects an unusual rise in water consumption, thus detecting water leakages or spillages.

The MD and CEO of DEWA, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, said that with the help of AI, DEWA is set to become the first digital utility in the world with autonomous systems for renewable energy and storage. 

“We seek to achieve the objectives of the UAE Water Security Strategy 2036. We continue developing proactive solutions for the challenges of the next 50 years to make the UAE the world’s leading nation by its Centennial in 2071. This is by using our advanced smart grid and the latest Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies as well as effective governance practices to raise efficiency and develop unique experiences that make Dubai a global model for clean energy, water, and green economy,” Al Tayer added.

DEWA will host the World Green Economy Summit (WGES) in September to highlight the transition toward clean energy.

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