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Dr Sultan Al Jaber urges ‘supercharged mindset’ for climate action at COP28

The summit's agenda is poised to revolve around critical topics like the global stocktake, the contentious loss and damage fund, and the future of fossil fuels.

Dr Sultan Al Jaber urges ‘supercharged mindset’ for climate action at COP28
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As the world faces an escalating climate crisis, COP28 kicks off today in Dubai, drawing nations together to chart a course toward a sustainable future.

The summit’s agenda is poised to revolve around the global stocktake, the contentious loss and damage fund, the future of fossil fuels, amplifying financial support, and fortifying food systems to manage a warming planet.

COP28 President-designate Dr Sultan Al Jaber spoke at a media briefing at Expo City Dubai on Wednesday, urging participants to adopt a “supercharged mindset centered around implementation” to address the urgent climate crisis.

“We don’t have any time to waste. We need to take urgent action now to reduce emissions. At COP28, every country and every company will be held to account, guided by the north star of keeping 1.5°C within reach,” Al Jaber said.

Al Jaber also acknowledged the latest IPCC report, highlighting the world’s deviation from the 1.5°C warming limit. “We respect the science,” he affirmed, “and we respect the fact that the IPCC clearly shows that the progress we’ve made collectively so far is nowhere near fast enough.”

Around 97,000 registered as delegates in the UN-run Blue Zone, while over 400,000 applied for one-day passes for the Green Zone, according to Al Jaber.

Notable attendees include heads of nations, business leaders, climate scientists, journalists, and diverse experts. 

Anticipated guests include UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will join King Charles, UN Secretary-General António Guterres. 

The World Climate Action Summit (WCAS), hosted by Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, will convene Heads of State or Government on 1-2 December, when the first part of the COP28 high-level segment will also take place. A resumed high-level segment will take place on 9-10 December.

UN Climate Change Executive Secretary Simon Stiell also spoke at the media briefing, stressing that this gathering of 160 world leaders must yield tangible results. “COP28 cannot be just a photo-op. Leaders must deliver – the message is clear.”

During the media briefing, Al Jaber also directly addressed the concerns surrounding unfulfilled goals and rumors of the UAE’s plans to engage in oil deals during the summit.

He emphasized the UAE’s unwavering commitment to be “clear and open and honest and transparent on how we’re going to conduct this COP process.”

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