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Driving tests in Qatar to be conducted in smart cars for higher precision

The smart vehicles will also be able to store test data for future use through apps.

Driving tests in Qatar to be conducted in smart cars for higher precision
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Smart cars will make up 37% of the total number of automobiles on Middle Eastern roads by 2023. Autonomous vehicles are set to be launched across cities in the region for deliveries and as cabs. AI is also being integrated into taxis for monitoring driver behavior in the UAE.

Amid this changing landscape, smart cars may be deployed at driving schools across Qatar soon to bring more accuracy to tests. The technology capable of monitoring errors by learners is currently being tested at two facilities in the country. Real-time data sharing prevents manipulating results and ensures transparency during the process.

High-resolution sensors and cameras enable smart cars to watch any traffic violation. In addition, its navigation system is updated with information about all roads in Qatar, along with speed limits. This helps sensors record overspeeding instances during the tests conducted without any human intervention.

Despite the absence of an instructor, data from the car is continuously relayed to authorities at the General Directorate of Traffic. This facilitates direct communication between the authority and the driver during the test.

This year, it was also announced that all cabs in Doha would be fully electric to cut down emissions. These cars, which have electric motors and low emission gasoline engines, will be equipped with built-in self-charging mechanisms, which will bring down air pollution due to the absence of tailpipes that emit carbon dioxide.

The smart cars for tests were also displayed at Millipol Qatar 2022 by the Interior Ministry. It also has a smart app connected to the vehicle for storing tests for future use. Drivers can check test results instantly through the platform and are also alerted about failures.

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