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Dubai and Airbnb team up to attract remote working professionals

Dubai will act as a one-stop shop for prospective remote workers, according to the DET.

Dubai and Airbnb team up to attract remote working professionals
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Work from home has become the new work reality post-pandemic. Companies that offer greater flexibility can attract and retain a lot more talent.

To promote Dubai as a remote working hub and the UAE’s one-year residency permit for remote working professionals, Airbnb has now collaborated with the Department of Economy and Tourism of Dubai.

According to the DET, the hub will act as a one-stop shop for prospective remote workers.

The center will provide details on entry procedures, visa restrictions, and listings for long-term housing in the area for anyone wishing to live and work in Dubai.

“Dubai is a global leader in facilitating remote working. As this trend continues to accelerate, we want to work together to make it easier for people to enjoy the newfound flexibility to work and travel and help the city harness the economic benefits of this new type of tourism,” said Velma Corcoran, regional lead for Middle East and Africa at Airbnb.

In March 2021, the UAE established a one-year digital nomad visa that enables people to live in the Emirate while continuing to work for companies back home. The one-year visa allows travelers to enter the UAE from abroad on their initiative and to work.

As part of the remote working hub scheme, Airbnb and the DET will advertise Dubai to remote employees looking for lodging and advice for their extended visits.

According to Airbnb, long-term stays—those lasting more than 28 days—reached a record high in the first quarter of 2022, more than doubling from the same period in 2019.

“Dubai’s global connectivity and pro-business ecosystem combined with visa-friendly reform have underlined the city’s status as a leading hub for remote workers, building on Dubai’s commitment to nurturing business growth and meeting the demands of today’s talent,” said Issam Kazim, chief executive of Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

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