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Dubai emerges as the most favored weekend destination among travelers

A study says Dubai’s connectivity with the international destination makes the city ideal for short stays

Dubai emerges as the most favored weekend destination among travelers
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Dubai is a top destination for tourists looking to take a bite-sized weekend break. According to a report by Holidu, Dubai is the only Asian country in the Top 10 most favored destinations.

Marrakech, Florence, Seville, and Adelaide are the other four cities. Faro and Lisbon, Valencia, Alexandria, and Porto complete the list of the ten most preferred cities.

The study says that the Dubai International Airport has excellent connectivity with the eastern and western half of the world. This alone makes the city the most favored destination for short stays.

Interestingly, the website lists Cairo, which offers over 8357 trips, as the most convenient city for tourists. With many options at tourists’ disposal, Cairo can keep people busy during their vacations.

Holidu is a search engine for vacation rentals, and it lists various options for short stays or more extended vacations. This latest report from Holidu has ranked different holiday destinations based on ease of accessibility, activities on Tripadvisor, size of the city, traveling options, distance from the airport, and more.

The website lists Zanzibar City, Adelaide, and Geneva, as ideal for a quick city trip. These cities are relatively smaller and are easy to navigate even if you want to cover them on foot.

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