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Dubai enhances government workforce with generative AI training for over 170 employees

Over 170 government employees in Dubai have been trained to use generative AI tools in their work.

Dubai enhances government workforce with generative AI training for over 170 employees
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

As organizations prepare to harness the potential of generative AI technology, Dubai aims to gain a competitive advantage by providing its government employees with this highly acclaimed technology.

As part of a course organized by the Dubai Future Academy, more than 170 government employees in Dubai have undergone training to utilize generative AI tools.

The course centered around seven key pillars encompassing essential aspects of generative AI. It covered fundamental concepts, explored its significant real-world applications and successful case studies, and provided guidance on utilizing AI tools like ChatGPT for decision-making, fostering new ventures, bolstering economic competitiveness, and fostering growth in creative industries.

Additionally, the course familiarized participants with various generative AI tools and showcased practical use cases where advanced technology can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of government agencies, leading to improved service quality.

The initiation of the course coincided with the establishment of the Dubai Centre for Artificial Intelligence (DCAI), further reinforcing Dubai’s commitment to becoming a leader in the effective integration of AI into government operations. The DCAI endeavors to position Dubai’s government as pioneer in harnessing AI capabilities across various functions.

“This course provided an opportunity for some of our brightest national talents working within government to learn about various global practices and success stories in AI,” said Abdulaziz AlJaziri, deputy CEO and COO of Dubai Future Foundation. “They also learned about many recent trends and innovations in AI that will shape, advance and support government work in the future.”

The initiative aligns with the vision of the Dubai Centre for Artificial Intelligence, added Al Jaziri. “This will help teams to enhance the performance of the government sector, making Dubai and its government the best in the world in this field.”

Other key areas include developing legislation related to AI applications, attracting leading global technological solutions, and nurturing local talent.

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