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Dubai gets a new digital content creation hub

News and short-form pieces aimed at Gen Z and millennials will be developed.

Dubai gets a new digital content creation hub
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

As technology becomes more accessible across multiple platforms, it’s only natural for consumers to expect increasingly higher standards of creativity and engagement from content creators. 

In a recent development, a startup called Blinx, which bills itself as the hub for digital native storytelling, launched in Dubai Media City.

The startup aims to create news and short-form storytelling material targeting Gen Z and millennials in the Middle East and beyond. The company said it would use a “more story, less noise” approach to provide content for its target audience.

The hub will be equipped with metaverse/extended reality studios and production facilities. A live production experience will be made available to customers on a variety of smart devices and screens through the development of digital apps, according to the startup.

Blinx will distribute content through social media platforms and its online portal. The startup also plans to launch digital apps to offer a live production experience to users on multiple smart devices and screens.

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