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Dubai Opera delights audiences with The Phantom of the Opera

The production features a stellar cast of 130 performers and over 230 intricate costumes.

Dubai Opera delights audiences with The Phantom of the Opera
[Source photo: Dubai Opera/Instagram]

The UAE’s cultural scene is experiencing a renaissance, drawing audiences worldwide with diverse offerings, including Broadway musicals and international concerts. This reflects the country’s growing focus on providing rich entertainment and leisure opportunities to its diverse population.

Dubai theatergoers have limited opportunities remaining to experience the enchanting “The Phantom of the Opera” at the Dubai Opera, with the production concluding its successful run on March 10th. 

Since its premiere on February 22nd, the show has mesmerized audiences with its cast of 130 performers, an array of over 230 intricate costumes, and renditions of beloved songs such as “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Music of the Night.”

The Dubai Opera, renowned for its distinctive dhow-inspired architecture and adaptability, has been a premier venue for various performances, spanning operas, ballets, and musicals. 

Beyond these, its stage has featured diverse events such as fashion shows, jazz concerts, and family-friendly productions, further cementing its status as a regional cultural hub.

This rendition of “The Phantom of the Opera” was brought to Dubai by Broadway Entertainment Group (BEG), which boasts a portfolio of past productions, including “The Little Prince,” “Shrek the Musical,” “The Wizard of Oz,” and “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.”

This revival of “The Phantom of the Opera” offers a fresh take on the beloved story while staying true to its classic essence, aiming to appeal to long-time fans and newcomers.

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