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Dubai Opera unveils diverse annual calendar celebrating cultures

The opera house has announced strategic partnerships aimed at boosting local talent in the performing arts sector.

Dubai Opera unveils diverse annual calendar celebrating cultures
[Source photo: Dubai Opera | Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

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Marking its 7th anniversary, the Dubai Opera has introduced an annual calendar featuring operas, ballets, concerts, and musicals. This marks the first time such a calendar has been presented since its debut in 2016. Additionally, the opera house aims to enhance the presence of local talent from the UAE on its stage, contributing to the growth of the performing arts sub-sector within the country’s arts scene.

Dr. Paolo Petrocelli, Head of Dubai Opera, says, “Dubai Opera continues to lead as an iconic ‘House of Cultures,’ a vibrant and innovative hub, a meeting point where languages and cultures from across the globe intersect and meld daily.”

“We know that Dubai is a point of reference for so many people worldwide – tourists, professionals, and citizens who desire to come to Dubai. They find here at the Dubai Opera an exceptional opportunity to experience the arts and culture in the city,” he adds.

Among the upcoming shows at the Dubai Opera is a highly anticipated performance by the renowned Orchestra of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan. The gala concert, “A Concert for Tomorrow,” is scheduled for December 1. Significantly, this timing aligns with COP28 in the UAE, intending to convey unity and optimism supporting the global endeavor to safeguard the planet.

They have also shared that a new concert series will be dedicated entirely to Emirati musicians and talents. “In collaboration with the newborn Emirati Musicians Association, we will present a concert series featuring local Emirati artists. This will be just the beginning of something bigger that we will develop all together,” says Petrocelli.

For 2024, the Dubai Opera has planned an event featuring the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra under the music direction of Julian Rachlin. This event will showcase a diverse ensemble of singers from the Middle East, symbolizing a new year characterized by tolerance, inclusivity, and harmony. From May 9 to 10, 2024, the Dubai Opera will host the inauguration of Film Music Week, dedicated to celebrating iconic film composers.

Meanwhile, considering UNESCO’s International Jazz Day, April 30, the Dubai Opera will host saxophonist Ravi Coltrane. “It will be an honor and pleasure for us to be associated with the celebration of International Jazz Day here on April 30 next year. As you know, UNESCO has had the Goodwill Ambassador Herbie Hancock as our main partner for Jazz Day since 2011,” says Salah El Din Zaki Khaled, Representative for the Gulf States and Yemen and Director of the UNESCO Office in Doha. 

To become a cultural hub for the Middle East and beyond, the Dubai Opera has formed collaborations with Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism and the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture). These partnerships are strategically crafted to enhance the regional artistic ecosystem and foster connections with local communities.

Through a collaboration with Dubai’s Department of Economy and Tourism, the Dubai Opera will host the Dubai Comedy Festival to promote a diverse range of creative arts.

The Dubai Opera has also partnered with the Dubai College of Tourism to introduce an innovative Training Program. This program is designed to provide performing arts professionals with comprehensive skills and knowledge in both theoretical and practical aspects of sound, light, and stage operations.

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