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Dubai plans to develop driverless pods and green rail bus system

Introducing these two new systems will provide more eco-friendly and technologically-powered means of transport in Dubai.

Dubai plans to develop driverless pods and green rail bus system
[Source photo: FLOWW.IO/Urban.MASS]

Expanding its fleet of electric and solar-powered transportation modes, which already includes visions of flying cars and robotaxis, Dubai is now setting its sights on deploying driverless pods traveling on an elevated track. Additionally, the city plans to introduce a new solar-powered rail bus system.

This announcement follows signing two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) with private firms based in the UK and the US to introduce the driverless pods.

To improve transportation in the emirate, the two systems are labeled as sustainable, eco-friendly, and efficient means of transporting passengers.

The initial Memorandum of Understanding was inked with UK-based Urban.Mass, enabling Dubai to assess the feasibility of deploying the Floc Duo Rail. According to Abdul Mohsen Kalbat, CEO of RTA, the system features double tracks that facilitate the swift and efficient movement of electric-powered transportation units across different parts of the city. The first operational pilot of this system in the emirate aims to achieve a significant 50% reduction in carbon emissions.

Funds for the Floc Duo Rail deployment will be raised through the London Stock Exchange Group’s Floww platform, as noted by the UK firm.

On another front, the second agreement, signed with American company Rail Bus Inc, entails adopting a sustainable transport system, with vehicles traveling on a bridge equipped with solar panels.

“These panels harness solar energy to power the system, ensuring its operation in Dubai. This system is distinguished by its contemporary design and offers the advantage of lower costs in comparison to similar transportation systems,” explained Kalbat.

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