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Dubai Police to embrace AI for traffic accident management

The incorporation of AI is in the development phase on the website and the application.

Dubai Police to embrace AI for traffic accident management
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

People involved in accidents can now submit their accident details through the Dubai Police application. These submissions are then reviewed by a police officer, who later sends a report to the parties involved. This approach represents a significant improvement over the previous method, which required individuals to call the police to the accident scene for manual report filing.

Currently, Dubai Police is exploring future advancements by incorporating artificial intelligence into the process. This AI tool will analyze minor accidents and automatically dispatch the report to both parties, eliminating the need for police officer involvement.

The announcement was revealed during GITEX 2023 by the Dubai Police to reduce the necessity for human involvement. This development is integral to their “Minor Accident Reporting” service, accessible through their application and website.

Major General Khaled Nasser Al Razooqi, Director of the Artificial Intelligence Department at Dubai Police, clarified that this AI-enabled mechanism goal is to “enhance public services smartly and innovatively, speeding up the issuance of traffic reports, reducing manual processes by 50%, and decreasing congestion caused by minor accidents.”

Al Razooqi also emphasizes that the service encourages drivers to self-report accidents, after which AI takes over, reducing traffic congestion and saving valuable time.

With the integration of AI, drivers will need to follow four steps. Firstly, one party should access the Dubai Police smart app. Then, they must provide their driver’s license, personal ID, or vehicle plate number and upload relevant photos. The AI system will then assess liability, identify the affected party, pinpoint damage locations, and ultimately generate the accident report.

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