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Dubai RTA and Museum of the Future to showcase smart mobility

The exhibition will also feature self-driving cars, medical drones and aircraft that take off and land vertically.

Dubai RTA and Museum of the Future to showcase smart mobility
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Almost a decade ago, in 2013, two UAE institutions, the Emirates Advanced Research and Tech Holding and Khalifa University, helped develop the world’s first practical civilian Jetpack to go on sale. In 2020, Dubai became the site for the first-ever high-altitude flight performed with a jetpack. Currently, the Technology Innovation Institute is supporting the hyperloop’s development to boost mobility’s future.

Now, Dubai’s Road Transport Authority (RTA) has joined the Museum of the Future to host a smart mobility show to display everything from self-driving cars to personal jetpacks. Medical drones, food delivery robots, electric bikes, and electric aircraft that take off and land vertically will also be showcased at the Today, Tomorrow exhibition at the Museum of the Future. Besides vehicle prototypes that use AI, geospatial data, and machine learning, the show will also feature sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for mass transportation to help industries cut emissions.

The RTA, which is conducting trials for autonomous vehicles and flying cabs in Dubai, also focuses on increasing the public’s adoption of these innovative solutions. Dubai Future Foundation hopes to make Dubai a model for shaping the future of cities and communities globally through the strategic partnership with RTA.

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Over the past couple of years, RTA has set up a smart control center, AI, to map out effective routes for buses and is also planning to launch driverless taxis in Dubai by the end of this year.

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