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Dubai to become a top cycling city by 2040

URB envisions a 93-kilometer cycling highway as part of its ambitious plan

Dubai to become a top cycling city by 2040
[Source photo: URB]

With ambitious plans and an eye on the future, Dubai is reimagining its urban landscape. Embracing sustainability and a shift towards healthier living, the city is pioneering initiatives to foster a cycling-friendly environment.

URB, an urban design firm, unveiled its vision for Dubai Cycle City 2040 to transform the car-centric metropolis into a haven for cyclists and pedestrians.

With the city’s population expected to double to 8 million by 2040,  residents should be able to seamlessly reach critical services and destinations on two wheels or on foot. 

URB’s ambitious plan promises a network of diverse cycling infrastructure, making commutes to work, schools, and leisure destinations quicker and healthier.

The Loop, a 93-kilometer cycling highway, was unveiled earlier this year. This futuristic artery, stretching across the city, aims to entice residents to choose a more sustainable mode of transport. 

URB envisions Dubai surpassing cycling hotspots like Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

The plan seeks to revitalize neighborhoods, incorporating green spaces, sports facilities, urban agriculture, and dedicated cycling paths. This vision aligns perfectly with Dubai’s 2040 master plan and drive to create a 20-minute city concept where essential amenities are conveniently accessible within a short walk or cycle.

In research and development, the Loop project aspires to see 80% of residents ditch their cars for pedal power. 

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