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e& expands its digital services with the acquisition of ServiceMarket

e& will incorporate ServiceMarket services under its “Smiles” umbrella.

e& expands its digital services with the acquisition of ServiceMarket
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Super app business models are making their way to the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and big and small players are stepping in to make users’ lives easier. They are attracting super-sized investments in the region as well.

Now, the UAE tech-telecom company e& expanded its super-app by completing the 100% acquisition of ServiceMarket, an online marketplace for household services. e& will incorporate it under its “Smiles” umbrella, strengthening its online marketplace presence and driving the diversification of its business.

In the UAE, ServiceMarket now provides around 40 services and will complement e&’s current marketplace offerings, including lifestyle deals, online food, and grocery delivery.

There are now a handful of companies in the Middle East and North Africa that own-and-operate super-apps, like Careem, MNT-Halan, and PaySky, where users come in for multiple needs.

“The online household services market has demonstrated strong growth over the past few years with an increasing number of consumers preferring to access a broad range of services in the comfort of their homes and through digital platforms they can trust,” said Khaled ElKhouly, chief consumer officer of Etisalat by e&.

Bana Shomali, chief executive officer of ServiceMarket, said the online marketplace would leverage e&’s digital capabilities and customer base to accelerate growth.

Last year, e& bought the grocery portal elGrocer as it expanded its day-to-day services that can be tapped via the app. 

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