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Egypt and Jordan collaborate on subsea optic fiber cable project

This will be the first subsea optic fiber cable set up by the two countries in 25 years.

Egypt and Jordan collaborate on subsea optic fiber cable project
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Telecom Egypt (WE), Egypt’s first integrated telecommunications operator, has signed an agreement with NaiTel, a telecommunications service provider in Jordan and the communication arm of the Aqaba Digital Hub, to establish a subsea optic fiber cable.

The subsea optic fiber cable, named Coral Bridge after the Gulf of Aqaba coral reefs, will connect Jordan’s Aqaba to Egypt’s Taba.

The Coral Bridge subsea optic fiber cable, spanning the Gulf of Aqaba, aims to enhance Egypt’s geographical competitiveness, positioning the country as a key international transit point between the East and West. According to Amr Talaat, the Minister of Communication and Information Technology, the project is expected to boost Egypt’s international digital infrastructure and strengthen its role as a regional data corridor.

While the specific cost of the Coral Bridge project was not disclosed, Minister Amr Talaat mentioned in October 2023 that Egypt had invested over $600 million in developing its network of internet submarine cables. The annual revenues from these investments were anticipated to reach $250 million. 

Additionally, in May 2023, Telecom Egypt announced the completion of the second and final landing of the 2Africa subsea internet cable in Egypt, recognized as the world’s longest undersea communications cable.

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