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Egypt boosts healthcare funding by 25%, expands training programs

Upgrades and new facilities are being built nationwide alongside training initiatives.

Egypt boosts healthcare funding by 25%, expands training programs
[Source photo: Krishna Prasad/Fast Company Middle East]

Egypt is making significant strides in healthcare. Following the 2023 rollout of the second phase of its national health insurance program (UHIS), the country aims to achieve full nationwide coverage by 2027, five years ahead of the initial schedule.

Substantial investments in healthcare infrastructure bolster this ambitious goal. Upgrades and new facilities are being built nationwide alongside crucial training initiatives. Over 21,000 training programs have been provided for medical teams, and 157 health facilities have achieved international accreditation standards.

Egypt’s government is set to increase its support for the healthcare sector further, as it announces a significant boost in funding for healthcare, education, and scientific research in the upcoming fiscal year beginning in July, according to Finance Minister Mohamed Maait.

Maait announced that health sector allocations will jump by 24.9%, reaching $10.4 billion. This aligns with the nation’s Vision 2030 goals of improving medical services for citizens. Additionally, the education sector funding will see a hefty 45% increase, reaching $18 billion. Scientific research allocations are also slated to rise by 40.1%, reaching over $2.9 billion.

The minister emphasized the government’s commitment to expanding healthcare initiatives, ensuring a steady supply of medicine and equipment to hospitals, and strengthening health insurance programs. He also highlighted efforts to accelerate the expansion of comprehensive health insurance coverage.

The budget announcement follows a social package implemented in March, allocating $315 million for salary increases for doctors, nurses, teachers, and university faculty. The breakdown includes $170 million for pre-university teachers, $33 million for university faculty and staff, and $94 million for medical professionals and nurses.

It follows President El-Sisi’s efforts in 2022 to strengthen cooperation with the World Health Organization to bolster the country’s healthcare system.

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