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Emirates and AWS partner to develop immersive platform for airline staff

The extended reality platform will be used to provide trainings and simulated experiences to new joiners 

Emirates and AWS partner to develop immersive platform for airline staff
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Virtual reality (VR), a breakthrough technology that offers a number of advantages over traditional simulators, is taking off in the aviation sector to provide training. Entering into a new partnership with Amazon Web Services, the Emirates Group is set to develop an immersive Extended Reality (iXR) platform for airline employees in the UAE. 

The iXR platform will be specially designed for new airline staff, like cabin crew, and partners, to provide them with virtual training, gamified environments, and simulated experiences through 3D virtual hubs. 

Adel Al-Redha, CEO, Emirates, said, “Our vision is to build a meaningful, practical, and rewarding XR capability that takes advantage of artificial intelligence’s evolution. We are using XR capability that is scalable and spans across the breadth of our group’s brands and businesses.”

He added that the deal reflected Dubai Airlines’ commitment to adopt and use innovative technologies in aviation for the benefit of the customers, communities, and the industry.

iXR deployed by the airlines will be powered by AWS spatial computing and AI and will be accessible through wearable devices, tablets, mobiles etc. The technology will be used to provide training to the cabin crew, in onboarding new employees and act like a collaborative hub and social space.

“In the first phase, iXR will help cabin crew interact and familiarize themselves with the platform in an interactive, high-fidelity 3-D environment which they can explore at their convenience, leading to greater knowledge transfer and employee satisfaction.

“During this phase, we will also develop our employee experience using iXR to seamlessly assimilate our people within the group’s business, community and culture,” Al-Redha added.

Emirates will also use the platform to transform the onboarding experience for new recruits, helping them “quickly and visually learn about the organization, its people, culture, and what it is like living in Dubai.”

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