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Emirates and Etihad among best long-haul economy airlines, finds UK survey

Emirates received an 81% score in customer satisfaction, while Etihad received 70%.

Emirates and Etihad among best long-haul economy airlines, finds UK survey
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In the dynamic landscape of global aviation, Middle Eastern airlines have emerged as prominent players, renowned for their exceptional service, and strategic connectivity.

A survey by consumer group Which? has revealed the best and worst airlines for 2024 according to UK passengers.

Securing strong positions, Emirates and Etihad placed second and sixth in the long-haul economy category, respectively. Topping the list, Singapore Airlines received an outstanding 83% customer satisfaction score, closely followed by Emirates at 81%. 

Etihad secured a 70% score. Punctuality played a key role in the rankings, with Etihad outshining Singapore Airlines and Emirates with an impressive 85% on-time flight rate. Emirates followed closely with 75%, while Singapore Airlines ranked third at 64%. 

While Singapore and Emirates tied on various aspects like customer service, seat comfort, food and drink, and in-flight entertainment, Singapore received a slight edge in boarding, earning five stars compared to Emirates’ four. Etihad scored slightly lower in each category except for seat comfort, where all three airlines received four stars. 

Beyond the leading airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Qatar Airways, and Qantas rounded out the top five spots for long-haul economy. 

British Airways, American Airlines, Air Canada, and Lufthansa received lower rankings, scoring 59% to 56% satisfaction. 

The survey unearthed a prevailing issue of unreliable service, with many passengers struggling to access support when needed. The report highlighted the increasing trend of passengers “abandoned” in terminals during delays or cancellations, raising concerns about the industry’s commitment to customer well-being.

Emphasizing the importance of reliable service, Rory Boland, editor of Which? Travel, said, “Air fares have soared in recent years, and the bare minimum passengers should expect in return for their hard-earned cash is a reliable service, with friendly, easy to access customer support when they are let down.” 

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