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Emirates’ Fly Better campaign features interactive Gerry the Goose

The new advertising campaign takes a playful stance on the airline’s Fly Better philosophy.

Emirates’ Fly Better campaign features interactive Gerry the Goose
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

Emirates has added another feather in its cap— a new avian ambassador Gerry the Goose, who joins Jennifer Aniston, Chris Hemsworth, and Jeremy Clarkson. The all-new Emirates Fly Better campaign features Gerry inviting customers to take a gander at the benefits of the airline. 

“In terms of the qualities and profile we look for in our brand ambassadors – we are spreading our wings,” said Richard Billington, SVP of Marketing & Brand at Emirates.

In the video, Gerry can be seen ruffling feathers by deciding to Fly Better aboard an Emirates Premium Economy cabin, smugly bypassing his migrating bird-brethren as they fly outside the plane window. Gerry can then be seen enjoying a delicious meal, reclining in his spacious seat to watch the classic movie The Goose, The Bad and The Ugly on his entertainment screen.

The campaign was shot over 14 weeks. With a voiceover by British actor Michael Cronin doing his best imitation of Sir David Attenborough, Gerry was created at a CGI studio in London.

“Gerry is a savvy traveler who knows what he wants and where he wants to go- but he’s adamant he’ll do it in style, with luxury and comfort as a priority. Having witnessed his seamless travel experience, we are confident that next time his friends will choose to Fly Better,” added Billington. 

What’s more, Gerry the Goose admires the acting work of Ryan Gosling, who he says “gives him goosebumps.”

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