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Factory automation and smart working to trend in Saudi Arabia and UAE

The main objective is to benefit from AI and smart innovations, reduce costs, and raise efficiency, according to a new study

Factory automation and smart working to trend in Saudi Arabia and UAE
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

With Saudi Arabia building several smart cities and the UAE focusing on Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), also referred to as Industry 4.0, the Middle East is advancing toward automation. 

According to a recent report, one of the top three developing trends in the KSA and the UAE in 2023 is factory automation. Smart living and smart working are the other two forthcoming trends in the two countries, according to the Poly research Recruit, Retain and Grow.

Nearly 4000 factories in the KSA will be heavily reliant on automated equipment and technologies. The main objective, the study revealed, is to benefit from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and smart innovations, reduce costs, and raise efficiency. With the help of technologies like AI, blockchain, robots, 3D printing, and the Internet of Things, the Saudi government hopes to take advantage of 4IR. 

Meanwhile, the UAE is focusing on increasing productivity and providing more innovative products using automated systems over the next 50 years. Employees would have greater freedom in their working hours and patterns thanks to these automated devices controlling operations in many factories. 

“The operation of factories and production facilities, which relies on AI- technologies, became a vital element in the success of production in any given sector. This move is crucial to increase profit and maintain growth and sustainability,” says Bob Aoun, sales director at Poly.

Smart working, also known as hybrid working, is well-liked by employers and employees since it increases productivity. Nearly 70% of UAE businesses say the inability to address hybrid work practices and recruitment methods will result in high employee turnover and a struggle to find fresh talent.

To enable the ideal work-life balance for its citizens, the NEOM megacity, called The Line, has already been planned for Saudi Arabia.

“The KSA is a progressive region. We no longer have an excuse not to believe in hybrid or smart working. For example, 33% of companies are seeing productivity gains from hybrid working in over 50% within the UAE itself,” Aoun adds.

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