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Fast Company ME honored at WAN-IFRA Middle East Awards 2023

Fast Company ME was recognized in Best in Audience Engagement category

Fast Company ME honored at WAN-IFRA Middle East Awards 2023
[Source photo: Pankaj Kirdatt/Fast Company Middle East]

Fast Company Middle East, was honored at the acclaimed 2023 WAN-IFRA Middle East Media Awards, highlighting its excellence in engaging audiences.

It seized the honor for its groundbreaking feature news, articles, and analysis on sustainability and climate change, covering energy transition and carbon capture, climate finance, food systems, interviews with climate activists and leaders, and videos.

Given COP28 in the UAE and the urgency of taking urgent action to combat climate change and its devastating impacts, the Green Goals channel was launched in January to find compelling stories that inspire and inform. 

Since then, Fast Company Middle East has hosted two editions of the Green Goals Summit to foster meaningful and impactful discussions on environmental concerns by bringing together industry experts and visionaries from around the world to deliberate on and shape a sustainable future.  

The role of media in the digital age extends beyond mere information dissemination. It catalyzes public discourse, influencing opinions and shaping perspectives on critical issues. The Green Goals initiative has enabled real-time engagement with all stakeholders, businesses, NGOs, policymakers, and the people to take decisive steps to tackle the climate crisis and create a sustainable future, fostering a more interactive relationship between Fast Company Middle East and its audience.

The third edition of the Green Goals Summit is set to take place in May 2024.

This accomplishment emphasizes the publication’s unwavering dedication to delivering compelling and informative content and focusing on sustainability and tech innovation that impact climate goals. 

Fast Company Middle East was the only magazine recognized in the Best in Audience Engagement category, demonstrating excellence in connecting with its audience in the digital landscape. In under two years, the title has garnered a community of readers surpassing others in engagement, and social following across platforms through its stories focused on innovation, design, business, and tech. 

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