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Fast Company Middle East launches collector’s edition at LEAP 2023

The print issue gives a glimpse of what has happened to business, technology, and innovation in 2022.

Fast Company Middle East launches collector’s edition at LEAP 2023
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

When all things tech is the talk of the town at LEAP 2023 in Riyadh, it’s only natural that the most-anticipated Fast Company Middle East collector’s print issue is launched on the global tech platform. Key speakers, partners and other important delegates will get the first glimpse of the inaugural print edition. 

It is more than just a magazine, though; with a unique editorial focus, the edition conveys the publication’s emphasis on business and technology while going inside the minds of the most progressive leaders of the region. 

This issue offers views of what has happened to business, technology, and innovation in 2022.

If 2022 was anything to go by, it was evident that the future is in innovation and creativity. In its inaugural Most Creative People in Business list for 2022, the publication celebrated the ingenuity and excellence of 36 individuals who are entrepreneurs, sustainability champions, space explorers, designers, and filmmakers – all icons using their success as a platform for change.

Amplifying the importance of innovation in business, in Most Innovative Companies List 2022 honored 42 companies that brought forth the best in business. The edition features inspiring organizations across industries—from artificial intelligence to dining—from every corner of the region. 

“I believe Fast Company Middle East is for people who want to make a difference in the world. We serve people who are passionately pursuing a greater purpose. Written for and about the most progressive business leaders, we need to inspire readers to think expansively, lead with purpose, embrace change, and shape the future of business,” says Ravi Raman, publisher of Fast Company Middle East.

“This print issue captures many highlights of 2022. Be the distinctive list of the most creative people in business or the most innovative companies. What makes Fast Company Middle East different is that we are good listeners,” he adds.

In this edition, you’ll meet the innovators and the creative experts and read the latest in design, sustainability, and tech breakthroughs. 

Make sure to read interviews with H.E. Khalfan Belhoul, Issam Kazim, and Sacha Jafri. This edition is written for and about the most innovative and progressive business leaders and creative artists.

Whether it’s tech, creativity, or innovation, the publication used the tools of nuanced storytelling and creative artwork in this edition to express that idea. The thread that holds this issue together and comes packed with inspiration.

As we are into an all-new year with brand-new challenges and discoveries, this edition will inspire you to action, drive you to try something new, or at least make you think.

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