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Fast Company Middle East launches Green Goals, a dedicated section on climate change

The Green Goals section will feature news, articles, analysis, interviews and videos.

Fast Company Middle East launches Green Goals, a dedicated section on climate change
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

The Middle East faces climate challenges ranging from water shortages, heatwaves, flooding at a devastating scale, and crop failures. These climate catastrophes are linked to greenhouse gas emissions as the main driver. 

The COP28 UN climate summit, which will take place in the UAE later this year, will be a crucial conference, determining whether the world can get on track to tackle the climate crisis. This year, nations must do a global stocktake assessing the current state of climate action and progress on fulfilling the goals of the 2015 Paris agreement.

Like all transformative change, climate reparations won’t happen overnight. But every day that we let pass without action means more droughts, more heatwaves, and more floods. 

Fast Company Middle East believes in the power of storytelling, more so when it comes to climate crisis.

In view of COP28 and the urgency of taking urgent action to combat climate change and its devastating impacts, Fast Company Middle East is launching Green Goals, an initiative to do what the climate crisis demands of us, finding compelling stories which inspire and inform.

The Green Goals section will feature news, articles, and analysis on energy transition and carbon capture, sustainable economic development, the path businesses organizations take for good outcomes, climate finance, food systems, interviews with climate activists and leaders, and videos.  

On the importance of launching such an initiative, Ravi Raman, Publisher of Fast Company Middle East, says, “Discussions on climate change should not be restricted to conferences and boardrooms. They need to be part of our everyday discourse. This special section aims to tell inspiring stories of people, brands and entities trying to make a difference.”

Since its launch, Fast Company’s  Middle East edition has focused on sustainability and tech innovation that impact climate goals. With Green Goals, the aim is to be a vehicle for climate action, encourage conversation, become better listeners and critics.

Visit the Green Goals section here.

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