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Fast Company Middle East’s Most Innovative Companies returns. With these new categories

On the path to empowering companies with many more categories at Most Innovative Companies this year, celebrating recognition.

Fast Company Middle East’s Most Innovative Companies returns. With these new categories
[Source photo: Anvita Gupta/Fast Company Middle East]

At Fast Company Middle East, we’d like to think of innovation as a simple thought that transforms into a great idea impacting businesses and our society. 

In 2022, the inaugural Most Innovative Companies list honored disruptive products, game-changing business strategies, and path-breaking designs. We received 240 entries from conglomerates, global brands, small organizations, and startups, reflecting the growing interest in innovation in the region. The companies shared their case studies and success stories of their impact on their respective industries.

The glittering awards ceremony saw over 200 iconic pioneers, VCs, innovators, and business leaders from across the region gather to witness the much-awaited results. 

The finest 42 companies, who reshaped their businesses and industries across 25 categories, including retail, enterprise, and energy, were recognized at an event at Armani Hotel, Dubai. The award ceremony showed companies’ commitment to driving regional growth and innovation. 

This year, Most Innovative Companies aims to shine a light on companies that have showcased exceptional contributions to the Middle East’s growth and development. 

In 2023, Most Innovative Companies has introduced new categories, allowing for a more diverse group of businesses to be recognized and celebrate innovation. The increased number of categories also reflects Fast Company Middle East’s commitment to showcasing the innovation landscape across all sectors in the region. It allows companies to flaunt their achievements and showcase their ability to influence change and empower change-makers.

By honoring these game-changing companies, Fast Company Middle East aims to foster a culture of entrepreneurship and creativity and inspire businesses to strive for excellence and embrace novelty. 

Entries must demonstrate how their innovations from the past year have impacted their business, their industry, and the broader culture. The list will feature organizations across 33 categories.

Winning organizations would gain the Fast Company Middle East stamp of approval for creating a truly breakthrough technology and would appear on Fast Company Middle East’s website. Nominations are now open.

Click here to apply to Fast Company Middle East’s Most Innovative Companies. 

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