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Five reasons to apply for Fast Company Middle East’s Most Innovative Companies 2023

A chance for companies to join the league of innovators redefining the future.

Five reasons to apply for Fast Company Middle East’s Most Innovative Companies 2023
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Every once in a while, a futuristic concept transforms into reality, embarking on a journey of boundless creativity and reinvention. These stories aren’t just about success but about resilience and innovation. This paves the way to be a part of our Most Innovative Companies, a recognition that doesn’t only celebrate remarkable achievements but the relentless spirit of innovation.

Fast Company Middle East’s Most Innovative Companies’ application period is open, and here’s why you should participate. 


Being a winner at Most Innovative Companies signifies more than just an award. It validates your company’s unwavering commitment to creativity and impact and your pursuit of innovation. Being included in this list solidifies your company’s position as a trailblazer, garnering trust and credibility as you tell your company’s story to the world. It also gives your company visibility – appearing in the 2023 edition of Fast Company Middle East magazine and fastcompanyme.com.


Be a part of a list that offers the chance to interact with some of the most pioneering companies in the Middle East. This presents an opportunity to engage with innovators and embrace novel perspectives. This recognition also acts as a catalyst, fostering advantageous relationships that allow you to harness resources, propel growth, and broaden your company’s horizons.


Being honored as a Most Innovative Company grants you entry into Fast Company’s expansive community. These are the companies we turn to first to identify speakers for events, such as the World Changing Ideas, Impact Council, and Green Goals Summit. These companies we look to for other story opportunities throughout the year, helping them amplify their efforts to create positive change in the world.

This year, we have more categories, we’ll name more winners, and create more opportunities for honorees. So tell us how your innovative ideas connect with current events and tackle broader issues faced by your industry.


Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies also offers the opportunity for funding and strategic partnerships. Attaining success here signifies that your innovations are celebrated by industry peers and potential investors and collaborators, recognizing the importance of forward-looking enterprises and their impact on the region.

It’s a chance to become part of an ecosystem that drives innovation, turning ideas into impactful realities and forging lasting connections.


In a world of possibilities, top-notch professionals are invariably drawn to companies that prioritize innovation and possess a clear goal of doing good for society. For them, being associated with organizations making a significant impact is a source of pride.

Being a winner among the Most Innovative Companies opens doors for some of the best professionals in the Middle East to join your company as they seek working environments that nurture creativity, reward courage, and welcome the unconventional. A powerful workforce witnesses change and strive to turn the company’s visionary ideas into tangible success.

Now accepting applications for Fast Company Middle East’s Most Innovative Companies. 

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